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Monday 25 August 2014

When Two Socially Anxious Bunnies Meet

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Last Friday I took myself off to meet with a gorgeous Uni student - Amy. Amy is someone I had never met before, and she was also someone who wanted to meet and interview me about Social Anxiety.

Let's just rephrase that for a second - me, someone who suffers from social anxiety, going to meet up with a complete stranger (who also suffers from social anxiety) to talk about social anxiety.

Irony much?

The awesome thing about this meeting of two anxious bunnies is that I actually learnt a very valuable lesson about coping with social anxiety myself - and that is that I deal better with my own anxiety if I can slip into a nurturing kind of role.

By being mindful of the other person's shyness and potential anxiety, I actually forget my own introverted tendencies for a while because I am focused on them and not myself.

Take this out into a broader sense and if I start looking at everyone I meet as though they are potentially shy, anxious or naturally introverted and I concentrate on making them feel more relaxed, I start to feel more relaxed myself as it's no longer just about me and what I am feeling.

I become slightly confident, empowered even in some bizarre twisted way.

Possible food for thought for those of us who are anxious little bunnies, after all we cope in any way we can right? Right!

My other trusty coping technique for dealing with pre-meetings nerves is to distract myself with my camera and some gorgeous scenery. I got lucky on this particular day as I had Manly Wharf and some stunning winter sunshine to occupy me whilst I killed time before my meeting.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend you guys.

Do you suffer from shyness, social anxiety or introverted tendencies?
What's your coping technique?
I am sure there are many of us who would gladly lap up any advice.