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Tuesday 19 August 2014

The Upside of Hibernating

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Sometimes I need a good slap over the back of the head to knock me out of a rainy day rut and remind myself of just how good I really have it.

Yesterday it was cold and raining and there I was having a good old moan about kids faking being sick to stay home from school and kids actually sick enough to legitimately stay home from school. I whined to myself about being stuck in doors and the lack of light for some photos I needed to take for a client.

Yep I was whinging like a total pro when I stepped back to pick up my camera and tripped over one of the dog's balls.

No not those kind of balls, a bouncy ball, you know the ones that you throw and they fetch and ... sheesh, there was probably no need at all for me to even explain that.

Anyway before you go all "OH NO she broke her camera" or better yet - "Oh crap she broke another leg", let me assure you I was fine. I landed on my cushy tush and bruised nothing more than my ego in the process.

I pegged the guilty ball into the other room and was sitting on the floor checking that my clumsiness hadn't caused any harm to my camera, when Milly the Chicken Sausage came running back towards me with the ball in her mouth, all slobbery with anticipation at the prospect of a game.

I threw the ball for her again and she brought it back. I threw it again and again and again until my bad mood had lifted and she collapsed on the floor next to me ready for a well earned snore fest.

As we sat there together on the floor in the middle of our family room I looked at her and laughed. "Man how good do you have it" I said as I got up on my feet and in that moment I looked around and realised just how good I have it too.

For all my ungrateful moaning about crappy weather, snotty noses, lack of sunshine and lack of funds to go in search of sunshine, I have so much to be grateful for. The fact I have a home to raise my somewhat snotty but mostly healthy babies in, a home that keeps us warm and dry, and a husband who is happy to snuggle on the couch and waste away the hours stuck inside, means that I am pretty darn lucky myself.

I need to just pull my head out of my ass and quit with the whinging already.

This time of the year may see us spend more time inside tucked away from the weather, but it is also the perfect opportunity to potter, make, snuggle and bake (or at least attempt to) engage in a little FOMO and reflect upon the good things we have going on in our lives.

Hibernating ain't so bad after all right?


If it's good enough for the bears then I'm sure as hell OK with it too.

How about you? 
Are you OK with a little hibernating in Winter or does it send you bat shit crazy and make you all whingy too?