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Friday 15 August 2014

Weekend Rewind - The Flipping Book Week Edition

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Flipping book week - every year you add numerous greys to my growing collection and every year you very nearly undo me. Mainly because every year even though I KNOW you are just around the corner, and even though I read the notes and the reminders and write you in big fat black pen onto my calender - I procrastinate.

After finally getting the kids to agree on dressing up as something that's doesn't involve recreating snot poo or bums and something that I have an actual shot at making, I leave the costume making part to the eleventh hour.

And so then you usually find me sitting in the car at rugby, basketball or soccer practise trashing my eyesight as I attempt to sew in the dark or overdosing on caffeine as I sit into the late hours the night before the parade, madly trying to pull together something that remotely resembles the character we have agreed on.


Did your eyes just glaze over?

Yep mine too.

And you know whats worse... you put all that effort into making a costume that they wear for like an hour max and then it gets chucked into the dress up box along with all your blood, sweat and tears that stain the fabric.

I could cry... and I did. But not because that despite the fact that I hate dress ups, I still went to all the effort, I cried because once we got to school all those little squids in their Frozen costumes, and Mine craft boxes and Alice in Wonderland and pirate get ups completely melted me and I stood bawling on the sidelines with all the other parents sobbing at how precious and proud they all were.

I am such a sucker for anything cute and kid-ish.

I also have very leaky eyes.

This year I only had two kids to dress up as the Kai the amateur teen is in high school and no longer takes part in anything so "freakishly childish". Sammy decided to go as 'Sam I am' but a Sam I am who actually likes green eggs and ham because... well because even though that kid is totally awesome, he can also be insanely gross.

Flynn chose 'The Beary Itchy Bear'. We already had a bear onesie in the dress up box so SOLD to the kid with the grubbiest face, he got his wish and it meant that thankfully there was only one costume I needed to pull together.

Lucky for the squids watching the joy they get out of parading around in their Mum made costume totally melts me and so I would do it ALL over again... next year, when I have resolved to be more organised and have more vodka on hand.

Have you done book week this year?
How's your costume design skills going - did you win?

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