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Friday 1 August 2014

Weekend Rewind - The Mythical Bridesmaid Curse

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I had a dream last night that my hubby and I were renewing our vows and we doing the full hog, you know with a big ceremony, bridal party, dress and the whole shindig.

But get this, in my dream our ceremony was being held in a church that was located in the middle of a multi story shopping centre.

I have no idea why we were in a shopping centre, it was a dream so you just don't question these things.

Anyway 15 minutes before I was due to walk down the aisle my hair and make up weren't done and I was absolutely busting to go to the toilet.

Of course there was no toilet to be found anywhere and so I was forced to run up and down escalators and through corridors and corridors of shops desperately searching for a bathroom.

Eventually I found one... in a gym, but the only way they would allow me to use their toilet was if I agreed to buy a membership.

Of course I went into meltdown mode and begged upon deaf ears until eventually I gave up and my full bladder and I headed back to the women's dressing rooms in David Jones where my bridal party was waiting for me to finish getting ready.

When I got there, I was missing a bridesmaid and my hair and makeup artist had gone to buy laces for her daughter's roller skates.

I can't really remember if much more happened in the dream after that (which is probably not such a bad thing) but I did wake up desperately needing to go to the bathroom in real life.

I often have dreams where I am searching for a bathroom or I find one and for some reason I cant use it and then I wake up and find I really do need to go to the bathroom. But then I can't be bothered getting up because I am too tired or too cold and so I got back to sleep and continue dreaming about trying to find a bathroom.

I know. Whacko.

I am going to take a stab in the dark and guess that my dream was brought on by a conversation I had yesterday with some friends about The Bridesmaid Curse.

You do know what I am referring to when I say Bridesmaid Curse don't you?

I have only remained friends with 3 out of my 4 bridesmaids which probably explains the missing bridesmaid in my dream last night. The one that I am no longer friends with turned out to be a real nasty piece of work who caused so much trouble that I literally sighed with relief when we had a HUGE falling out not long after the wedding.

Not even for one minute have I ever had any desire to try and patch things up with her as she was one seriously toxic psycho.

I actually didn't know her very well when I asked her to be a Bridesmaid (mistake number 1). She was new to our group of friends and was the wife of one of my husband's groomsmen (now ex wife) and after she told me one night not long after we got engaged about how lonely she was, I felt bad for her and asked her to be a bridesmaid (mistake number 2) . I have always hated the idea of anyone ever feeling lonely or left out and I thought I was doing a kind thing by picking her over some of my long term friends (HUGE mistake number 3).

Turns out there was probably a very good reason she was feeling lonely, and that's because she turned out to be total cow.

It kind of sucks when I look at our wedding photos of the bridal party. There are all my gorgeous girlfriends and in among them there she is, haunting me forever more - the bridesmaid from hell.

I had experienced first hand - The Bridesmaid Curse.

I have chatted about the mythical Bridesmaid Curse to many people over the years and as recently as yesterday, and it seems that perhaps this curse is not so mythical after all.

Many of the women I have spoken to have confessed that they are no longer friends with one of their Bridesmaids. Now we are not talking about a simple case of losing touch with an old friend / bridesmaid over the years. Nope we are referring to the whole proper falling out and 'I can't stand the sight if you in my wedding photos' kind of scenario.

So is this curse really a myth after all? Is there really such a thing as The Bridesmaid's curse?

I'm curious as to whether you have experienced this for yourself? 
Was your Bridal party marred by The Bridesmaid Curse?
Do you ever dream about needing to find a bathroom?

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