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Tuesday 5 August 2014

The One Where I Excessively Name Drop and Pretend I am a Foodie

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I have to be honest with you, I get a real buzz whenever I am invited to a foodie event or a fashion event because let's face it, a foodie or fashion expert I most certainly am not.

I'm a mum who wears whatever she can find clean in the washing basket, is lucky to even know how to turn on an iron, and as for feeding the hungry hoards? Well they don't go hungry but I am hardly what you would call creative in the kitchen.

When an invitation to an event like today arrives on my door step, I can't help but look over my shoulder half expecting someone to pop up and snatch it out of my hand with an "Oops our mistake".

Thankfully no one snatched this invite off me, and so I headed into Alexandria today to Simon Johnson's Providore Markets and mingled like a fraud with a handful of fabulous foodie bloggers and Karen Martini.

Ummm did I mention Karen Martini was there?

Oh Good just wanted to be sure that you got that part about Karen Martini.

Sorry bout that. I was a little star struck as the boys and I have been watching Karen on Better Homes and Gardens for years and I was just mildly beside myself when I found out that I was going to not only meet her, but cook with her too.

ME, the un-ironed kitchen fraud cooking with Karen Martini. *Sigh*

The event today was put on to celebrate the launch of Special K Nourish®, a brand new cereal range from the iconic breakfast brand Special K.

Special K Nourish contains a whole load of superfoods such as oats, quinoa, pepita seeds and cranberries, which is totally awesome because whilst I knew all about these superfoods and how good they are for you, I did not have a clue about how to go about eating them or including them in my diet.

Putting them into a breakfast cereal is pure genius as its the easiest way to get that good stuff into my body, and believe me when I tell you that it tastes flipping good!

So Karen Martini, (yeah I know, enough of the name dropping already... but COME ON) is not only a household name and a well known chef and judge on TV show My Kitchen Rules, she also happens to be a mum who believes in honest humble and healthy ingredients. 

Karen has partnered with Special K on their latest breakfast revolution and she has created six new home-cooked recipes inspired by some of the individual ingredients in Special K Nourish. Even better, today we got to play our own version of My Kitchen Rules by recreating one of her recipes and then have her taste them and judge them.

Was I nervous about having Karen taste my interpretation of her recipe? Hell yes!

Was I worried about poisoning Karen Martini? Um is the Pope Catholic? 

First, we watched the master at work and then it was our turn. The clock was ticking and we had 20 minutes to recreate her dish.

All those awesome foodies were straight into it chopping and slicing like total pros and then there was me. I gave it a good go in between pretending that the red on the chopping board was in fact juice from the beetroot and not from where I just sliced my palm trying to chop up some nuts.

The bad news is I didn't win the cook off (like I even stood a chance). But the good news is that I still have all my fingers and I didn't poison Karen Martini.

I have included Karen's recipe that we made below and trust me, you SO have to make this. Not only does it taste divine and have all those super food ingredients in it, but if you are a little creatively challenged in the kitchen like I am, you will totally knock the socks of your family or your guests at your next dinner party and take them by surprise.

Oh and you can drop Karen's name a few times too, you know for good measure and all that.

If you are keen to get those superfood goodies into your belly in the easiest way possible, you can get Special K Nourish from Coles, Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets nationwide. It comes in three delicious flavours: Special K Nourish Blackcurrant, Apple & Pepita; Special K Nourish Wildberry, Raisin & Pepita; and Special K Nourish Apricot, Cranberry & Almond.

If you would like more information on the benefits of a healthy, well-balanced and sustaining breakfast check out Special K's website here or their Facebook page here.

Are you a breakfast cereal gal?
Have you ever excessively name dropped after meeting someone awesome?

***This is not a sponsored post. I was guest at an event held by Special K and all opinions are my own. yada yada yada***