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Monday 18 May 2015

A Heart Full Of Courage

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Carl (The Hubby)
"This little guy deals with anxiety every day. Not a good morning going in to play a HUGE team in rugby as he is half their weight and 12 inches shorter and he plays front row, hooker. So proud today as he faced his fears and actually took down a few big props and was on the middle of the break down after his anxiety settled. His team won in the end and he played his little heart out. Now resting with his favourite fan. #dogslife #gotigers"

I popped on to Facebook this morning and when I spotted my hubby's photo and comment (above) in my feed I melted into one big gooey mess of pride.

Pride for the fact that this little guy of ours overcame a massive weekend which saw him struck down by the most crippling anxiety attack caused by a complete lack of confidence.

And pride at just how much my beautiful husband adores and is inspired by our little boy.

This kid of ours is small and in comparison to his older brother and even his younger brother who is bigger than him too. He may be small, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in heart.

He plays the position of hooker in his Rugby team - a front row position that sees him sandwich between two props that are almost double his size and facing the opposing front row who I can only imagine look terrifying in size from his lower to the ground eye line.

The kids on the teams they play often laugh when Sammy runs out onto the field and lines up in front of them because he really does look much smaller when standing next to his team mates... but with out sounding completely biased - he is one hellava little pocket rocket whose determination knows no limits.

His anxiety got the better of him this weekend. 

Nerves set in and his body was wracked with the physical symptoms that anxiety presents - shortness of breath, heart palpitations and the sheer panic and sense of impending doom that anxiety manifests.

He fought it though, and rather than give in to it he somehow managed to get himself onto the football field and played an incredible game, not only facing off to kids that where double his size and weight, but bringing them crashing down.

He was exhausted when he got home. 

The aftermath of both the game and the anxiety completely zonked him and he spent the afternoon sleeping it off on the couch.

Damn he is one brave kid and my husband - well he is one awesome Dad and they both inspire me beyond words.

Sorry for the gushiness but capturing these important moments in time and sharing my pride is after all one of the reasons I blog in the first place.

Rock on little dude. You are our hero.