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Friday 8 May 2015

The Fuddy Duddy Edition

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Every year my kids ask "What would you like for Mother's Day Mum?" and every year I respond with the same thing "How about no arguing for 24 hours and some well behaved kids please".

I'm hopeful.

Always hopeful.

Then they roll their eyes and say "Nooooo Mum, what do you really want?" and so I suggest maybe some slippers and nice poem.

What the Fudge???


Someone offers to buy me a gift to say thank you for sacrificing your sleep, sanity and pelvic floor for me and all I can come up with is slippers?


What, am I like eighty or something?

Did I somehow morph from your average forty year old into a daggy geriatric who asks for things like slippers without me even noticing.

Next thing you know I'll be asking for a lap table, some rose scented talcum powder, a pack of embroidered hankies and a bottle of 4711 Eu de Cologne.

Do you remember that stuff?

My beautiful nan used to ask for it every year.

I am scaring myself people.

I mean seriously, when did I become such a fuddy duddy? Crap even the fact that I would use a word fuddy duddy is freaking me out.

What are you asking for this Mother's Day?
Did you come up with anything better than slippers?
What's the daggiest thing on your wish list?

Clockwise from top left

1: Although I am already about as anal retentive as you can get when it comes to keeping things neat at our house, this bread box dumping ground from Hugzilla is absolute genius! 

2: You've accidentally slept in, the kids need to be organised for school and you have an appointment to get to straight after drop off - oh this is all to familiar a scenario in our house. This article from Inside Out Style will have you out the door and looking stylish in mere minutes. Hell yeah!

3: The gorgeous clever clogs Bec from Pinch Me Beautiful is making and selling weaves and looking at her beautiful work has got my weaving itch itching all over again. 

4: Why do we measure our self worth by how much we achieve in the day? That is the question the beautiful Sandra from What Lies Within explored and dang it got me thinking and promising some big changes to how I treat myself.

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