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Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Most Devilishly Decadent Hot Chocolate Ever

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If you are currently counting calories then please be warned.., this is no time for you to be visiting this blog.

Yep that's right.

Hello, I love and thank you for dropping by, but what I am about to share with you would be considered nothing but cruel if you are trying to watch your weight.

Read on at your own will.

Hot chocolate... mmmm.

As far as I am concerned there is no better way to brave the cold weather than by snuggling up on the couch with a book or a movie and a really good cup of hot chocolate.

Now I don't mean to blow my own trumpet...

Ooh whatever, yes I totally do!

My kids tell me that my devilishly decadent hot chocolate is the best they have ever tasted.

OK so they haven't really tasted that many hot chockies from anywhere else, but I am totally claiming it anyways and I'm gonna shove the crown on my noggin and run with it.

If chocolate is your thing and you are ready to indulge your taste buds, read on to see how I throw together one mean mother of all hot chocolates including a special ingredient that I swear by.

The following ingredients make one mug of decadent hot chocolate. Simply multiple the ingredients by the number of people you are making it for.

2 tbs Cadburys hot chocolate powder (or similar)
1 mug full of milk
Thick chocolate topping (my special ingredient)
5 marshmallows
1 wooden skewer
Ready whipped cream
1 flake or mini flake

I like to make our hot chocolate the old fashioned way on the stove top.

Place your milk into a saucepan and add your hot chocolate and over a medium heat, bring your milk mixture to just under a boil whisking it to create froth.

Pour the chocolate topping in a generous amount around the inside of the rim of your mug so that it drips down the inside.

Place five marshmallows onto a skewer ready for dipping.

Pour your chocolate milk mixture into your mug, top it with whipped cream and crushed flake.


Now all there is to do is find a comfy spot, dip your marshmallow sticks into your hot chocolate and enjoy.

Stay warm you guys.

Are you hot chocolate fans in your house?
Do you have that one special ingredient that you swear by in your Hot Chockie recipe?