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Thursday 7 May 2015

Hold On To Your HEDERLIG Cause It's a Dream Role

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Brought to you by Nuffnang and IKEA

OK my fellow IKEA lovers - hold on to your HEDERLIG because I have something BIG to tell you about.

IKEA is opening a brand spanking new store at Marsden Park in NSW on May 28th and they need YOU and your junior IKEA devotees, to come and help test it out and get the new store ready for opening day.

Yep, this is dream job material you guys.

Can you imagine turning up to work for a day as an official IKEA meatball taster or a VIP IKEA Pillow Fluffer?  Or how about putting in a hard days work as an IKEA Ball Pit tester?

I am not even kidding!

And thats just some of the fun filled roles they are looking for you to fill.

Its also time to get the kids involved with one of our most loved stores because the gang at the brand new big blue box have some really important roles that need filling by the younger IKEA fans among us - Our kids, aged 10 - 16.

These roles involve doing some really important stuff; I mean take a look at the job titles - IKEA Junior Interior Designers and IKEA Junior Sustainability Managers.

For Real!!!

OK so its only for a day, but who wouldn't love to spend a day hanging out at IKEA and get rewarded for it?

If you needed any more convincing, then just think about how much extra time youd get to spend at IKEA if your kids are chosen for one of the roles.

Think GUILT FREE SHOPPING people. HOURS of it.

Are you sold yet?

Um duh do I even need to ask?

The IKEA Junior Interior Designers roles are perfectly suited to those kids of ours who have better designed rooms than we adults do. You know the squids who know their STUVA drawers from their SNOIG lamp and who are experts at creating the ultimate kids pad?

Yep them!

IKEA Interior Designer

As for the IKEA Junior Sustainability Managers, well this role is ideal for the youngens who care about our planet and living a sustainable life at home. 

If your child gives you a rap over the knuckles for mixing your paper with plastic and compost with general waste, then they would be perfect for this role.

IKEA Sustainability Manager

The handpicked helpers (aka the lucky buggers) will get to spend a day in the new Marsden Park store helping the IKEA gang get it all ready, AND to top it all off, they will receive a very special reward for both themselves and their local community.

A reward for hanging out at IKEA. Hellllooooo, this just keeps getting better!

OK so how do you get involved in this is?

Well first of all - you and your child need to be available in Sydney on May 23rd and May 28th so that you can spend the day getting stuck into it.

Got that covered?


Next you need top click your way over to the IKEA Facebook page here and apply via the IKEA Customer Built Store tab.

Talk about dream roles or what! Get onto it my friends you only have a week as applications close on 13th May -  and good luck!

Which of the 6 dream roles at IKEA would you choose?
1: Ball Pit Tester
2: Meatball Taster
3: Comfort Coordinator
4: Ultimate IKEA Assembler
5: Junior Designer
6: Junior Sustainability Manager

IKEA Marsden Park