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Thursday 21 May 2015

No More Snoring... For Real!

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If you are ever tempted to punch your snoring partner in the nose whilst they sleep - then read on my friends because this is one product review that could quite possibly save your relationship… and you from punching your loved one.

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I frequently get asked if I would like to review products on the blog and to be honest I am such a cynical cow at times that I often go back to the person asking and say “REALLY??? You really want me to go there?”

The problem is that over the years I have been sucked into buying many a gimmick and they are usually something I have seen on one of those infomercials! You know mops that promise to clean your kitchen and cook you a gourmet dinner, and tummy wraps made by companies that swear you will have Kate Hudson’s abs with no more effort than working your way through a packet of Cheetos from the comfort of your couch.

More often than not I am left with major buyer’s remorse, a garage full of crap and an extra layer of cynicism to my already thick coat.

This product does not fall under that category and for once I have been floored.

You see my beloved hubby is a snorer.

A floor shaking, window rattling back of the throat rumbler and I frequently find myself punching him in the back, rolling him on his side, tickling his lips until he wakes up and stops snoring... and that’s just on a good night.

On a really bad night I will send him to the couch for his own safety with a blanket and his pillow tucked under his arm… the same pillow that I am so tempted to do something very illegal with to stop him from snoring.

I am not even joking.

If you live with a snorer then you know just how ferociously agitating someone snoring can be when you are tired and just want to sleep but can’t because they are snorting in your ear.

I have literally been reduced to tears on some nights and driven to the point of frustration where even his loud breathing is enough for me to go into a full blown meltdown.

Some factors can trigger or worsen snoring such as smoking, colds and flu and excessive weight.

My poor hubby has a deviated septum thingy… yes totally technical I know.

He could have it fixed, but he is a wuss and is afraid of needles so we have paid for at least two referrals for the surgery and he is yet to make an appointment… and so he continues to snore.

Now if you think I am cynical when it comes to mops and shammies and wraps and miraculous skin cream made from the venom of a snake… then believe me when I tell you that I practically deafened myself with my own laughter when I was asked to review an anti snoring spray.

Admittedly I was tired and emotional after a particularly rough night of snoring, but come on… how many of these products have promised to end our frustrations and have failed to deliver?

Too many.

But this one is different.

Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray actually worked and to be honest I am even more surprised than you that I am sitting here writing this post because I was convinced I would be going back to the company and saying “Sorry, but you don’t really want me to write what I really think about this product do you?”

Yet I have been proven wrong this time and I am more than happy to shout it from the rooftops.

There are quite a few anti snoring products available these days and most of them are nasal devices that are designed to help the air move freely into the nostrils. That’s all well and good but the problem is snoring is caused by friction of the tissues in the throat and so a product that works on the throat seems like a better option.

There is a whole load of medical terminology sitting on a piece of paper in front of me that explains how Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray actually works, but the long and the short of it is that it uses a unique Bio-adhesive formula that covers and lubricates the throat to prevent the friction of the tissue that causes the snoring.

Unlike the other anti-snoring throat sprays out there, Silence remains active throughout the night.

And I can vouch for that claim because I have had THREE peaceful night’s sleep in row WITH the hubby in bed next to me.

All I care about is that fact that it works and to the helpful team at Omega Pharma who created this great product – where the hell have you been all my life?

If you would like more information on Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray – you can visit their website here. You can even order it online right now from the Omega PharmaE-Shop here.

Otherwise head to your local pharmacy or Coles supermarket (where I got mine) hand over your $24.95 and rejoice in what has to be one of life’s greatest inventions.

 Do you live with a snorer?

How do you cope?

Will you give this a try?