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Saturday 10 September 2011

Bad Hair Day

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Lately we have been focusing on trying to teach our kids about the value of money (yeah I know, embarrassingly hypocritical coming from a shopping junkie). But it kind of seems to me at times, that my kids just don't appreciate how much things cost, and how much money we spend on STUFF!

I was explaining to our kids the other day how one of the things Mummy has done to cut costs in our household is colouring my hair at home. I can buy the hair colour for $17 bucks and dye it myself versus having it done at a salon for over $100. 

Now Mr Sam our 6 year old is very much a shoot from the hip kind of kid. So when you tell him something, you have to be very very careful as he will repeat things to others in a much more colourful version. Or, he will quite literally act upon things, without spending much time on the thinking part. How so?

Well this morning I was in the kitchen getting organised to head out with the kids when Sammy came in to talk to me. As I was chatting to my little monkey, I noticed something looked mmmmm, just not quite right with him (and no i wasn't concerned about dwarfism this time). I just couldn't put my finger on what wasn't right with him.

The ensuing conversation went something like this:
Me: "Sammy have you done something to yourself? Whats different about you today?"
Sam: "Snigger Snigger" 

Then it hit me....
Me: "OMG Sam!!! What have you done to your hair?"
Sam: "I needed a haircut so I tried to cut my hair" 
Me: Why on earth would you do that?
Sam: "I was saving you money!"

Sheesh - I think I need to re-read my parenting 101 book. If this is the result of a conversation about saving money, God help me when we have the Birds and the Bees talk.

This is Sam's stylish new do. Please note that the bald spot at the front is apparently very trendy.

I feel that whatever it is we plan on doing tomorrow, it will most certainly involve a trip to the hairdressers.


Kylie H said...

If it helps, it's a boy thing - Jack (who is 9yrs old) did this AT SCHOOL! and we're still waiting for it to grow out hehe

Life Love and Hiccups said...

oh no Kylie - I am in for trouble with 3 boys then Lol. By the way - thanks. You are officially my first commentor. :)

Lisa Mason said...

We have all this to look forward to and i hope i deal with it as well as you do babe!

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