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Friday 16 September 2011

Welcome to Fabulous Friday

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Ok so by now you all know how much I love to shop (don't we all??), and I love love love to share a fabulous find. 

So to celebrate my passion for sharing and shopping, I have decided to make one Friday a month around here - FABULOUS FRIDAY. 

This is a day where I will share any great finds I have unearthed during the week. Some of the links will be to products I have purchased myself and others are links to products / services / sites / blogs or pictures that are just so damn fabulous I have to share.

So without further ado - I am busting at the seams to present this weeks finds.

I have to start with my gorgeous shopping basket from Kitchenware Direct . I am so in love with this basket as all my friend know because I keep saying to them "have you seen my gorgeous basket?" "Did I tell you about my fabulous basket?" "Just LOOK at my damn basket will you!!!" Even better, they are on special at the moment for $25.95 AUD.

This is another brilliant find (if I do say so myself). My lovely Australia Postie delivered mine last week from Everton.com.au, and I keep them filled with water in the fridge in their nifty little tray, ready to grab and go for the family. They are all BPA friendly, so no nasty plastic toxin leaching. $19.95 AUD + Shipping

So I like to be organised, but I need a little help. My new diary from Mooo.com.au has a week to 2 pages and even has my name printed on the front and on each page, so there is no mistaking who it belongs to. This photo isn't of my diary, but you don't have to choose the specified colours - you can request whatever colour you like. I got beige, white and brown (to match my new shopping basket). I know sad aren't I ? They also have great stationery, labels, kids bags, shirts and loads more cute stuff. The awesome part is you can customise it all with your own name.  $24.95 AUD + Shipping

A special package I am looking forward to getting next week, comes from a friend of mines business Summer Living. I have ordered a gorgeous summer dress at a gorgeous price too. $34.95 + Shipping. This dress is the one I ordered and it is from the Bohemian range and comes in stack of different colours.

This is another brilliant product from some friends of mine Prettyneat. It is a practical over sized A4 folder housing gorgeous designer templates to assist you in organising your family. The folder comes with custom made tab dividers so everything has its place.

Ahh and jewellery! A girls gotta have Jewellery. Uberkate has a huge selection of different pieces. Each Uberkate piece is made from precious metals that have been hand-crafted into a distinctive design and are then personalised for the individual wearer. Drop the hints and get the man in your life ordering for Christmas. Ahh heck, just treat yourself!

Of course this week - you just have to pop into your local pet store or Piiwater Pets to get your chicken sausages, adorable Puppy :)

And last but certainly not least. Fresh Flowers. No link required for these gorgeous beauties. Just pop into your local markets and pick up your favourite bunch. I so do not believe in waiting for someone to buy you flowers. Every Friday I treat myself to a bunch or two because I think I deserve it. :)

Happy Shopping.


Peggy said...

Oh that shopping basket is mine! Well, eventually when I get to ordering. I love the photo of chicken sausages, I actually smiled (oh so adorably quiet when asleep). And the flowers, lovely! I too get flowers every Saturday and it makes my whole day.

Great idea, I look forward to next Friday. :) xo

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Hiya Peggy. Glad to find another gal after my own heart. xxx

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