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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Organic Wine - Thank you all Mighty Grape Gods!!!

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I so enjoy a good whine wine, but since one of my sons and I were diagnosed with a mammal protein allergy a few months ago, I have not been able to drink it. :( I know get the violins out. It actually was very traumatic time (for me, not my son). Actually come to think of it, it probably was kind of traumatic for all my sons and my hubby too for that matter, as a woman without wine equals ... ummm... a cranky woman in my case!

You may be wondering if she is allergic to mammals why can't she drink wine? Well a mammal protein allergy means we have an anaphylactic response any time we eat anything that comes from a mammal, so that includes all meat and dairy. yeah so what does that have to do with wine? Well apparently the majority of wines use milk in the preserving methods. Crazy huh? Milk and wine what a revolting mix!

Well it is not a large enough amount of milk for you to notice or taste, but it is enough to swell my face up like a moon and cause my throat to close up. Now I know that too much wine for me is not a good look anyway, but a drunk suffocating balloon head, is an even uglier scenario.

If it wasn't bad enough that this flesh loving gal was forced to turn vegan and can no longer chow down on a nice juicy steak anymore, they had to go and take wine away from me too. Cue the violins again please Mr Music.

Thankfully my old faithful friend Vodka stuck by my side. And I have to say I feel rather sophisticated sipping on my Vodka & Cranberry or Vodka & Soda out of a martini glass (very Carrie Bradshaw). But the sophistication kind of goes out the window when I rock up to a byo restaurant clutching a whole bottle of vodka.

Imagine my utter joy when a kind Cellar man enlightened me to Organic Vegan friendly wine.


Here is a link to a website called Australian Organic Directory. This wonderful organisation
offer the most comprehensive organic directory of organic products and organic services, covering organic food, organic beverages, organic skin care and organic hair care products, organic baby products and organic products for children, products for an organic home and organic garden, organic pet products and organic clothing for the family.

Of the most importance for me is their extensive list of organic wines. You can ring the cellars and find out where they are stocked. A little hint, don't bother with the mainstream liquor stores, as they only range one or two bottles of organic plonk , if you're lucky. It is the smaller boutique type stores or online wine merchants that usually offer you the best selection. Though it is worth ringing the wineries as some will deliver direct to your door.

My Fave? Tamburlaine Sauvignon Blanc from Orange, Mudgee & The Hunter Valley. It costs a bit more than your good old clean skins, but it is soooo worth it.

The added bonus is that without the preservatives, you don't get a hangover. Ahh this Veggie Mamma once again has a smile on her dial and wine in her glass. Life is good!


xxx Sonia


Unknown said...

Oh my! I seriously feel for you, because my family would have hated me without my galss of wine! I try to buy mostly organic, so I am definitely going to try this! So happy you have your wine back!


ps I am so glad I found your blog on the Mommy Mingle yesterday! I absolutely love it!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Awwww thanks Jessica.
You so have to try this wine. it is divine! The only problem I have now is limiting myself to an acceptable amount in one sitting. Meh acceptable schmetable ;)
Xx Sonia

Peggy said...

"A drunk suffocating balloon head" haha You are so funny! Although I am not saying it would BE funny to have a drunk suffocating balloon head.

Organice wine, who would've thought! Good find Sonia. xo

Jacqui Honeywood said...

Hey Sonia, sorry about the allergy, that must really suck!! But definately compensated with organic wine. Found your blog through DP. I must say good to find anOther mother of boys (I've got 3 crazy ones too).
Ciao , Jac

Life Love and Hiccups said...

LMAO @ Peggy, it WOULD be kind of funny though :)

@ Jac - Thanks for stopping by. Always love to meet another mum of all boys. You know apparently we get a free pass into heaven ;) Though I do get major girl envy at times xxx

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