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Friday 9 September 2011

Welcome to Online Shoppers Anonymous

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 My hubby has become really good buddies with the Australia Post delivery guy. No kidding, his van has become a common sight in front of our house. And before you jump to the conclusion that we are involved with some sort of postal heist, let me introduce the real me.

*stands up* ....... Hello everyone, my name is Sonia and I am an Online Shopping junkie.

Phew I feel so much better letting that skeleton out of the closet.

Seriously though - how good is online shopping? I know myself how passionate I am about it because if you could see me now as I write this, my tongue is sticking out the side of my mouth and I usually only do that when I am super dooper excited about something (or if I have had one too many Mojitos).

I can shop to my hearts content, without having to find a park and drag 3 or 4 reluctant male companions in tow. That's right, bleed your heart a little for me - the girl who loves to shop but couldn't find the recipe for a daughter in any shop... anywhere.

I tried to keep my addiction under control - I really did. You know the story, just a little won't hurt me. Oh ok then, maybe just a little more... *cue sly smile* But when the Australia Post guy turned up for the 3rd time this week, it was time to fess up.

My poor hubby though doesn't really get it. How can a man NOT understand the pure joy of opening that brown cardboard box to reveal my retail opiate in all its splendour. It seems like a such a long time since I said farewell to the image of my purchase onscreen when I clicked on the buy now button, to when I am actually holding my precious purchase in my hand. They are squeals of pure unadulterated joy I make when I hug that package to my bosom. Very dramatic huh? 

So what purchase roused such a response from me this week. Well a few actually! But I want to share one very special one with you. Drum roll please ...............

psssst this is where you discover what a nerd I really am :)

I know I know. You were probably expecting some fabulous Vera Wang dress or perhaps an Orson and Blake sparkly lamp. Nope! I really am such a simple girl at heart.

I saw this gorgeous collapsible bag online at Kitchenwaredirect.com (check them out here http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au/ ) and I had images of myself all bohemian like, wandering the markets in a flowing white dress, shopping for fresh organic produce and sweet smelling flowers with the breeze softly blowing through my tousling hair as I call calmly to my sweet children to stop helping every old person we see or we wont make it in time for our macrame classes. What the ???? 

Its also very handy for  popping into my local Dan Murphys to pick up a four pack of Vodka Cruisers.

Any which way I looked at it, I just had to have this bag. An addict is an addict after all.


Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...


Honestly, I'm also addicted. And I might just be on a firstname basis with the AUS post delivery guy. Seriously ... it's the same guy every time.

THANKFULLY ... My little parcels of joy are delivered during the day, while husbie is at work, so a lot can be hidden. 'oh this ... I've had this for aaaages'. Poor forgetful husbie :)

Online shopping = mothers best friend :)

Peggy said...

OOH I NEED one of those collapsible bags, off to do some shopping! Thanks!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

@ Cherie, How did you manage to get your parcels delivered in the day. Hmmm maybe I need to have a quiet word with my post :)

@ Peggy, They are soooo fabulous and they have so many different cool designs. Enjoy :)

Nikki said...

must be a genetic thing honey, I love to shop, anywhere, anytime, online or in person. I am an ebay addict, and I love to buy shoes and handbags online too. my latest experiment is spectacles!!!!

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