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Friday 9 September 2011

A fish called Wanda and a bug called..... ummm....dead?

Pin It I believe every child should have a pet of some sort. Even if it is just a pet rock. It teaches them about ownership and responsibility. Though I'm not really sure just how much responsibility a pet rock is, but hey if it works for you.

Our family has a pet poodle called Max. Max is a little crazy and has actually been officially diagnosed by a pet psychologist as neurotic. I am kind of proud of that achievement as neuroses is quite obviously a family trait and perhaps even a requirement to fit in around here. He has even been on doggy Valium to help him with his separation anxieties when I leave the house. Don't laugh, there were days when I actually feared coming home in case in a moment of complete despair he decided to hang himself from the clothesline.

But this story isn't about Max. This is the story of a little boy and his beloved pet BUG ???

Yep you read correctly - a BUG. The sad thing is he has carted this bug around for the past three days completely oblivious to its deceased state. If a bug could have rigor mortis then this bug is as stiff as an ironing board (ironing board I hear you ask ? - yep well I actually just spotted the pile of ironing out of the corner of my eye that I really should be doing rather than writing this at the moment).

Anyway back to the bug. Flynn is very attached to this creature. He was very distressed when he thought I had flushed it down the sink when he had left it there for a little soak after it's bath. But all was ok, we found the bug and the world was safe.

Flynn was so excited about how much his bug seemed to enjoy it's bath (hmmm I can hear the child psychologists rubbing their hands with glee), so much so that he decided to create a pool for his bug.

Aha aha I'll get on to that booking at the psychologist clinic first thing tomorrow. Perhaps they can help me break the news to him that his bug has well and truly passed over to a better place.

In the meantime maybe Flynn has found a niche market for Tupperware .... Bug Pools !

Flynn and his beloved and very relaxed (dead) bug.

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