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Thursday 15 September 2011

The 'not so' Marvellous Mishaps of Milly - My destructive little Chicken Sausage

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Well it has been 5 days since my Impulsive Shopping condition lead us to owning a gorgeous little puppy called Milly. If you are new to my blog, Milly was a slight distraction somewhere between the Hair Salon and the Chicken Shop. You can read about it here Meet my Chicken Sausages

I have had many people kindly ask (some perhaps not so kindly, but more of the "I told you so" variety), how is she settling in? So I thought I would share with you a quick update. And please - NO I told you so's!!!

First, let me start by saying, chicken sausages probably would have been a much cheaper option considering the damage Milly has inflicted in her first 5 days. But who wants to cuddle up to chicken sausages? And let me pose the question - Can chicken sausages play fetch and roll over? Ok so Milly can't either yet, but I hold high hopes.
Milly sleeps like a baby, eats like a demented Dyson and chews like .... well like a toothless beggar who has just been given his first set of dentures.

The damage count stands to date:

1. One Internet modem cable (a costly little snack)
2. One new red top (hmmm no comment)
3. One supposedly indestructible doggy toy (I so want my money back)
4. One broom head (meh, who needs a broom anyway)
5. One sheepskin doggy bed (so not happy about the demise of her fabulous bed)
6. One Spiderman figurine (I told the kids not to leave their toys on the floor)
7. One brand new Home Beautiful magazine (I was truly devastated over that one)
8. Twenty six poops on the carpet and countless litres of wee (yep I am counting)
9. and lucky last, one bloody big hole in the wall (What the? who chews walls?)

 The hole in the wall.

Her sheep skin bed

Mad Max our neurotic poodle has not stopped trying to "make out" with Milly since he first laid eyes on her. He is taking Puppy Love to the extreme. No first date or courting period for our little man. Cheapskate! The least he could of done was buy her some flowers or a pack of liver treats. She shouldn't take it as too much of a compliment though, because Max has a tendency to "make out" with our couch cushions too.

All in all it has been quite an adventure so far. She is fitting in very well into our dysfunctional household.

But alas, I can't stay and chat as Poop number 27 is waiting patiently for me on the living room floor.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh darling you have missed the other 100 plus poos I have picked up before you have graced us with your presence in the morning. Love your ever faithful very patient husband Carl

Peggy said...

Oh Sonia, I can truly relate to this! We reluctantly (as in thought about it for 2 years prior) got our son a dog, almost 2 years ago and for the first year he absolutely did my head in. I should make a list, it would be similar to yours although the hole in the wall would be gnaw marks in a wooden gate and holes dug in established lawn (we're talking holes as wide as a metre and just as deep!). I have had moments of chest pain when I have seen the damage. Alas, it gets better. Our dog is no longer destructive and I love him to bits. Check out my post on him if you have a chance. :)

ps...a hole in a wall???

Life Love and Hiccups said...

LMAO thanks Peggy - I just read all about Major Poohead and it so made me laugh. It is nice to know there is light at the end of this chewed up tunnel :)xxx

@ my dear hubby. Thank you huni ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

Son, if you haven't already, grab yourself a copy of Marley & Me...this blog is a chapter right out of the book. Sorry but couldn't help laughing at pics of destruction...naughty puppy!!! But damn....SOOOOOOOOOO cute!! Enjoy the ride, they love disapline as much as cuddles. I get so clucky at puppies & their little milky breath!!! xx

Cass Nowicki x

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Oh Cass - she soooo reminds me of Marley. You just can't get mad for too long as she is just so damn adorbale :) xxx

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