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Sunday 11 September 2011

Meet my Chicken Sausages

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Ask me how we ended up with my husband's green Toyota Rav. Go on.... Because we went to buy a Goldfish!

No it's not a joke. Sadly it is just another downside of my spontaneous personality. Our Poodle Max, well he was actually Potting Mix (very expensive potting mix I might add).

You see I have what my hubby considers to be a very frustrating habit of going out to buy one thing and coming home with something entirely different. I guess today was nooooo different.

Today (as you already know if you read yesterdays blog), I needed to take my 6 year old Sam to have his self styled haircut ummm well a little corrected. It just so happens I needed to pick up some chicken sausages for dinner too whilst I was at the shops.

Now first let me start by pleading my case your honour, as it really was not my fault. I was a distracted (bahahaha) between the hair salon and the chicken shop. It was too big a temptation for me to handle all on my own some.

So with out further ado, please let me introduce my chicken sausages.

They are lovely arent they. Their name is Milly and they are a 10 week old female  Labradoodle.

Children, please don't panic, we really have no intention of turning her into Sunday dinner. We just luuurve her. 

Now you are probably wondering what my long suffering husband had to say about this impulse buy of mine. Well I did ring him - truly I did. And he was more than delighted to oblige my whim. 

Ok not really.

The conversation went something like this;

Me: Hello darling
Hubby: What do you want to buy? (damn after 20 years he is so on to me)
Me: Just hear me out ok

Hubby: No No NO
Me: But I haven't even told you anything yet
Hubby: No No and I said NO

So we bantered back and forth a while. Ok it wasn't really banter - more like me begging and pleading and throwing in statements like "But I never ask for anything". And that is kind of true as I never do ask ..... I usually just buy first and wiggle my way out of it later.

I really wasn't get anywhere with him and short of throwing myself on the ground in a major tanty outside the pet store for all the world to see, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns - you know .... the really low blow.

Me: Well you wont let me have another baby and now I will never have a girl *sob sob sob*. (yeah I know but I was desperate ok).

Well with that final boot to the groin - the war was won. Milly was joining our family.

Now of course everyone knows that a dog HAS to eat, and my precious, hard fought for, little girl simply can't eat out of any old bowl. She just HAD to have some of these fabulous bowls by Dogue. She told me she could not possibly contemplate coming home with me without them.

So that's how our Potting Mix (Max) came to have some chicken sausages as a new companion (Milly). Did I mention we just luuuurve her. :)

Oh yes - I thought I had better throw this last photo in so you can see the after photos of Sammy's hair disaster. He looks very handsome don't you think.


Jo Fuller said...

Son, you are a legend x

The Mommy Therapy said...

That is an adorable dog! I can't believe your husband agreed! Very fun.

I tried to adopt a second dog and though after the trial period I wanted to send him back too, my husband was strongly opposed from the beginning.

Love the bowls too.

Visiting from Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Link Up!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thanks Jo :)xx
@ Mommy Therapy - Trust me I am still in shock my hubby agreed (though he really didn't stand a chance) :) Thanks for dropping by xx

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