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Monday 21 January 2013

A Big Boy Room and Bed for a Future Winnebago Dwelling, Tennis Racquet Playing, Gardening, Clothes Shop Owner.

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This post is sponsored by BedGuard Mattresses

Over the course of the summer, my youngest little guy Flynn has grown up so much. Too much I could argue, but that would mostly be because if I am honest I miss the fact he doesn't seem to need me as much as he used to.

He has developed a sense of independence. He wants to do it all for himself and apparently he now knows what he wants to do when he grows up and that would be a tennis racquet player who has a clothes shop, makes nice gardens and lives in a Winnebago by the beach in Byron Bay.

Reach for the stars kiddo - that's some dreams you've got going on there and I could totally see you doing any and all of them.

Apparently we are allowed to visit him in Byron, but we are not allowed to stay in the Winnebago. His Nanny can, but we have to camp in a tent.

Flynn has his own unique sense of style. He loves anything that relates to the ocean, aviator sunnies, laid back guitar tunes, cool threads and Kombie Vans. You can see him fitting in right in in Byron can't you.

At Christmas time he decided his bedroom was too babyish. It doesn't matter that he is only 5 and his room was perfectly suited (in my opinion anyway) to a boy of his age. He wanted to make it more grown up and to put the Flynn flavour in as he so proudly put in when I asked him what style he wanted.

We didn't need to do a lot, just a few tweaks here and there got it into a style he was super thrilled with.

He wanted to keep his lucky red wall, but he chose some Kombie artworks for the wall and some cool Okanui print material for me to make a wall canvas out of.

The teddies were banished to the wardrobe while I silently sobbed and watched as my little boy's toddler phase well and truly abandon us. Only his most favourite things made the cut and were left on display.

His bedside lamp is on the list of projects to do. He wants it covered in hula skirt grass. I have to figure out a safe way of doing that, but I will share it with you when it is done.

One of the things he had been asking for for ages was a new mattress. His two older brothers both got new mattresses last year and he had been hounding us for one ever since. It was time for a new one as his mattress had taken him through the toilet training years and well lets face it, that can be a messy time.
Let's keep it real here - toilet training is bloody awful!

I swear it was only days after he restarted his begging for a new mattress that I was contacted by BedGuard asking us if we would like to review their new mattresses. Ah can you say perfect timing or what?

If we had had one of these mattresses BEFORE we went through toilet training, we wouldn't have been in need of a new mattress now. 

There is no need for mattress protectors with BedGuard mattresses and any toilet training parent knows what a dream that is. Liquid will not penetrate the surface of the mattress and you simply blot it with paper towel to remove any stain and odour. 
If there is an accident which is very likely even with kids who are not toilet training but like to lie on their bed with a slushie and reading comic books *ahem* like my kids, the mattress surrounds remain fresh, clean and dry.

The BedGuard mattress is not only resistant to soiling and stains from liquids and solids, it is also Flame retardant and also bed bug resistant. 
You can read more about thefabulous technical features of the bed here but I also decided to ask Flynn what he thought of his new mattress and his bedroom update.

Tell me about your new mattress on your bed. What do you like about it?
Flynn: Its really comfy and you can jump and bounce on it and land on your knees and bounce back up.
umm cool what else?
Flynn: I like to snuggle up in it and it is really comfy for my wrestlers and my ipod.
How does your new room make you feel?
Flynn: Good
Okay anything else? 
Flynn: mmmm a few more stuff.
Like what?
Flynn: Its cool like my bruvvers rooms.
Alrighty so interviews aren't his forte but the fact remains he is pretty darn happy with his big boy room and mattress.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these fabulous BedGuard mattresses for yourself or your little ones, Life Love and Hiccups readers can get a special discount on their orders.  Justclick here to check out the range and pricing and you can order online
They deliver direct to you and the delivery guys are so helpful and friendly which is a huge bonus in my mind.
If you are looking at purchasing your first big boy bed or big girl bed for your little one, I would definitely recommend one of these. For hygiene, safety and the sheer fact that you don't need to wash mattress protectors ever ever again.
 I was not paid cash for this post but I did receive a new mattress for my son in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions are that of my son and myself.

Have you asked your little ones lately what they want to be when they grow up?
I'd love to hear what they told you as their ideas just make me cack.