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Wednesday 30 January 2013

What's a Few XXX's Between Friends ... or Um Clients

Pin It So it was my first day back at work yesterday after my long summer break and as far as first days go it started out relatively pain free.

The first thing on my agenda was to work through all the emails that had built up over the 5 weeks I was off. The delete button was very useful, but *ahem* of course being a diligent employee it was used in moderation and reserved mainly for all the junk mail that got through my spam filter.

By about 10am I was on a roll - powering through my inbox. I am was a freaking email ninja and I sat there puffing my chest out and humming with complete self satisfaction.

As I signed off on yet another email and poised my cursor over the send button, it hit me what I was doing and more to the point, what I had been doing for Lord knows how long?

Holy Moses - I had been signing off my emails with a xxx Sonia. The same way I sign off on all my personal emails and comments on the blog.

I think I may have vomited in my mouth.

Absolutely horrified I urgently went through all the emails I had sent that morning to check which ones I had added this declaration of love too. Fortunately I only found five. FIVE!!! Five too many.

I did a quick recall on those emails and 3 were successfully retrieved but 2 made it all the way through.

You know those moments when your heart is racing and you feel giddy with stress. Yep I was having one of them. What if they didn't see the funny side? What if God forbid they actually thought I was coming on to them?

I didn't have to wait long for the first response to come through.

"Dear Sonia, I didn't know you felt that way about me but welcome back anyway."

OK so that wasn't too bad. Sort of. At least I could see a glimmer of humour in his reply.

Feeling slightly elevated with relief, I rang the other email recipient just to clarify I wasn't putting the moves on her either. When I was put through to her voicemail I had no choice but to leave her a garbled message that went along the lines of  "Hi there, its Sonia here and I just wanted to let you know I am back from leave, very relaxed and ready to go and by the way I may have just blown some virtual kisses in an email but please disregard it and chock it up to me being perhaps a little too relaxed." 

I don't think I took a breath in the whole message.


Thankfully I signed those emails with xxx and not a middle finger or anything, so once the mortification wore off I was able to laugh it off. But I'm still cringing on the inside.

I guess those clients of mine and I are on closer terms now. Much closer terms .... at least on my part!

Have you ever done this at work? 
Even if you haven't - please lie so I feel better about myself.