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Monday 21 January 2013

The Time My Boys Put a Shop Full of Betts Shoe Shop Staff into a Stench Induced Coma!

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This post is sponsored by Betts Kids.

You gotta feel for these gorgeous girls Ellen and Migaela.

Along with the rest of the fabulous team of dedicated individuals at Betts Kids Warringah Mall they fit up approximately 8400 pairs of feet over the 4 week back to school period.

Holy Crap that is a hellava lot of stinky kids feet.

OK granted not everyone's kids trotters are as stinky as my boys who insist on wearing sand shoes with no socks, but come on give these girls some applause - that is 8400 pairs of feet of all shapes and sizes with weird and wonderful unique features that need to be both comfortable and supported.

We were invited into Betts kids to have my boy's feet fitted up for the new school year. Our mission was simple. Find shoes that three very different individuals are happy with, are comfortable in and I am OK with.

Challenge accepted.

I must admit I was a little stumped when we first walked through the doors. I mean school shoes are school shoes right? You have a couple of styles to choose from, you try them on and away you go.


For starters look at the choices - there are zillions of them!

Now my boys took this business of choosing their shoes very seriously. They perused the range and discussed the pros and cons of each shoe before they critiqued the style and the cool factor.

Once they made their choices it was down to the lovely Ellen to determine if their picks were right for their feet and then to persuade them towards another pair if their choices weren't the best ones for their particular foot shape.

They were sized up and I was mortified to discover that I had been cramming at least one of my poor children's feet into shoes at least a size and a half too small. Thank God she didn't cop an eye full of my middle son's school shoes from last year which were gaffa taped and stapled to get him through the last 2 weeks.

Betts have two brands of School shoes that they own - the Airflex and Betts Brand, and within those two brands you can pretty much guarantee that there is a style that will fit your kids and they will like. Oh and FYI they have 25% off the Airflex School Shoes at the moment.

Whilst Ellen was fitting my boys I picked her brains about some tips for those of us who are doing the school shoe shop and these were her top tips.
Read that my dear children - WEAR COTTON SOCKS TO CONTROL THE STINK .... puhlease!
I did NOT buy those zillion and one pairs of white socks to just sit in your drawers and look pretty!

This was also a very exciting day for one little guy in our family. We were selecting Flynn's very first pair of school shoes.

I may have sobbed a little quietly to myself as I watched him try on his shoes and walk around that shop as proud as punch. He could not stop smirking, bless, and he insisted on holding on to those shoes like they were pure gold.

I will be sharing more with you later today and this week as I prepare to send Flynn off to school with his brothers.

But in the meantime I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to all the gorgeous girls at Betts Warringah Mall and all the customers inside the shop as well as those walking past innocently going about their day.

I did tell them to wear socks. Really I did!

Seriously though, Betts made this particular part of the whole Back To School rigmarole a dream and if you have not yet done the School Shoe mission I would totally recommend you pay your local Betts Store a visit.

You can check out their website here for a list of locations, or alternatively you can order online and save yourself the embarrassment of comatosing a mass of shoppers with your kids feet - assuming your kids feet stink like my kids do!

I was not paid cash for this post but my boys were gifted their school shoes in return for me posting about our experience. Again I apologise to any who may have been nasally harmed in this process.

Have you started the Back To School Mission yet?
Please don't tell me you are all done as I may have to punch you.
Do you have a little one starting school for the first time?
Are you constantly humiliated by your children not wearing socks????