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Monday 28 January 2013

The Children Of Bloggers and Their Self Formed Support Group

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Ever wondered what kids of bloggers get up to when their mums get together to create havoc? Well not to be outdone, they create their own unique blend of chaos, fun, laughter and mischief and did I mention Chaos?

These photos were taken when the mini Hiccupers, Nutshells and Dazers got together last week.

On this particular day the bigger kids were teaching the little ones how to Gangnam, much to our amusement.

We had met up this particular day at the Food Wine and Design School at Leichardt to attend a Back to School event. I'll share more of what we learned there later this week, but as I was importing all my photos off my camera this morning I came across these pics and I wanted to share a few of my favourites of the kids doing what kids do so well - having fun.

I love the way that little ones throw caution to the wind and just dive right on in to new friendships. Most of the time, at this age they don't worry about minor details like - Will they like me?, What do we have in common? and What will we talk about? They just be themselves and have a ball getting to know people.

Just a over a year ago, these guys didn't know each other at all. Now they have formed their own Children of Bloggers support Group. Kidding...... Kind of!

My attention from the kids was only momentarily distracted by the fabulous street art at this place and I was grateful for a few moments break from the noisy shenanigans to sneak off and grab a few snaps.

And then it was back to capturing the kids doing their stuff.

"Sure I'll swap you, I'll take one super sharp pointy stick for a container of Trash Packs". Bless him, at 11 he has a sensible streak. Clearly he takes after his father and not me.

If you ever have the chance to meet up with a person or a group of people you have never actually met in person before, do it. I hate to think how many gorgeous new friends I would have missed out on making had I not stepped outside of my comfort zone. And for that matter I would have denied my kids the opportunity to make friends with other munchkins that they have so much in common with .... you know being survivors of Mums that Blog and all that.

Um by the way I am totally going to go ahead and put in a shameless plug for my buddies now - if you have not yet had the pleasure of discovering these two crazy gals for yourself, click on over and check out the fabulously quirky and eclectic Gemma from my Big Nutshell and the beautiful and vibrant Fi from My Mummy Daze.

 Have you ventured out of your comfort zone and ended up with some amazing friendships?