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Friday 25 January 2013

The Howards Storage World Great Garage Makeover - The Gardening Zone

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This is a post by me as an Ambassador for Howards Storage World.

In case you have just tuned in (in which case welcome, I'm glad you found me) I am smack in the middle of making over my now only semi festering pit of shame aka garage with Howards Storage World.

The idea was to take this

and turn it into this

Just kidding!

But I did want to turn it into a space that is tidy and organised. Somewhere where we can find what it is we are looking for when we want it. A space that the kids can manage to keep neat and a place that things don't disappear into it never to be seen again.

So far I have shown you the water sports wall and the bike and skateboard storage and here is a reminder of how we are progressing.

One of the things I love to do is garden or at least pretend to. I generally do the garden design, supervising, watering and the important pottering whilst the hubby does all the digging and mowing and heavy stuff.

Hanging out in the garden is a great way to relax and unwind, especially if it is done with a glass of something cold and soothing in hand (I refrained from saying alcoholic but if the shoe fits well um ....)

The only problem is the storage of all the gardening paraphernalia totally does my head in. There are lawn mowers, blowers, hedgers, trimmers, rakes, spades, plant foods etc etc etc. you've got to remember that in our family, the men's philosophy is 'He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins". Enough Said.

Before now we stored all this kind of stuff in the same way we typically stored everything else in the garage - chucked in and buried under a heap and if you didn't disappear under the pile when you went looking for something, well then it was a good day.

Not any more - my gardening zone  in the garage is now zen. Or at least as zen as it can be with all the stuff my husband insists we need.

Once again we dedicated a space in the garage for the gardening Zone and the fabulous Howards  Storage team surveyed everything we needed to store and came up with some brilliant ideas.

The Elfa Cord Hook was a perfect solution for hanging the Hedger and blowers.

And the Ultra Hold Hook System was installed to keep all the spades and rakes together and off the floor where they used to be. This system is incredibly clever in that the heavier the item you hang, the tighter it will hold.

We utilised some existing shelving in our garage to store the plants foods and sprays and small bits and pieces.

The beauty of this is ALL the gardening equipment is now stored in one zone and not all over the garage like a lucky dip. It is organised, easy to get to and the bit I love best of all - easy to put away.
I'll say that last bit again just in case some special people in my life didn't read it the first time .... EASY TO PUT AWAY.

And the bonus is with all the time I used to waster trying to find things, I can now spend sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our *ahem* (my hubby's) labour.

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Tell me - just out of curiosity, who does the mowing at your joint?