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Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Traditions - Egg Painting

Pin It We have a tradition in our house that was started by my parents over 20 years ago. If you join us for lunch on Good Friday - You have to paint an egg.

Simple really. If you are hungry, you will paint. And trust me, my parents put on the most amazing seafood feast on Good Friday so you will want to pick up a paint brush and a blown egg and get all Picasso like ASAP.

You don't need to be an artist, you just have to have a go and we have eggs that are proof of the efforts of all ages including toddlers who were more interested in eating the paint than putting it on an egg.

My husband has a theme running with his eggs, kind of a political and social collection of sorts.

Every year he paints an egg with a social message, whether it be the Julia Gillard Egg he painted this year, The Peter Garret egg back in 2001, or the Check Your Tits Breast Cancer awareness egg he painted back in 2009.

We literally have hundreds of eggs that are brought out of storage every year and put on display to inspire us.

The eggs are just simply blown to remove the insides, painted and then sealed with a protective lacquer.

Yes they do break, but if you store them carefully the breakages are minimal.

We take our egg painting very seriously in our family.

What can I say - we are piggies and want some of that yummy grub.

Do you have any Easter traditions in your family?
Do your family make you work for your meal?