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Friday 19 April 2013

Excuse Me While I Take a Random Insta Dump!

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Like squillions of other people, I am addicted to Instagram.

There I said!

For a naturally curious (aka nosy Parker) like me, Instagram gives me a little hit every time I tap that little app button.

I get to check in on friends and what they have been up to and I am inspired by what people are wearing and creating from gorgeous vignettes and clever crafts to drool inducing images of food.

I have discovered some fabulous websites and blogs that I would never have known existed if it wasn't for Instagram.

I get to peek at their homes, their family and their day. I can check out the new reno, and find out where they scored that gorgeous rug or fabulous pair of shoes.

Maybe it is a little creepy or stalkerish in some sense, but I also love the window it gives me into other peoples lives.

I've talked before my evening walks around our estate and how I love hearing the happy sounds that families makes as they go about their evening, and instagram is a lot like an evening walk for me, except I don't have to move my lazy butt or put my glass of wine down.

I do have to control my addiction though, as this app has the potential to be the single biggest procrastinator for me and whilst I am working during the week I try to limit my check in to just once or twice a day. Except for a quick peak at my nieces account, because she is currently travelling around Europe and sharing her trip with me on Instragram so my jealousy can really completely run a riot!

I'm curious though - about how you use Instagram and if you don't mind, I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask?

Are you on Instragram and if so how often do you check in?
When someone is private and you don't know them but they follow you - do you request to follow back or is that just weird?
What do you love most about Instagram, what do you like to see?
What are your biggest Instagram peeves?

Ok because it wouldn't be a proper instadump without an actual ceremonial dumping of photos into a post, here's some of my fave pics from my feed this past week.

If you are on Instagram I'd love you to come and say hi to me @LifeLoveHiccups.