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Friday 5 April 2013

The HSW Garage Makeover Reveal AND You Can Win a Howards Storage World Voucher

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This is a post by me as an Ambassador for Howards Storage World.

I have a new compulsive disorder, to add to my already expansive list. This new one I have can be described as the compulsive opening and shutting of the garage door.

It goes kind of like this.

Open Door

Take in the awesomeness

Shut the door


I can't help myself - No seriously!

For far too long I have avoided the door to the garage like the door handle was covered in flesh eating bacteria. I didn't want to touch it let alone even see at what was hiding behind the door.

I was ashamed.

Someone who is so bloody anal retentive in every other part of her home, was hiding the biggest shameful secret in her garage. A junk cemetery.

I really am not joking. If you have just joined me on my blog - this garage was a place where things went to die .... very likely including anyone who dared to venture in there looking for something.

It was my festering pit of shame.

When I first started working with Howards Storage on the Garage Makeover, I was so embarrassed. When the lovely team arrived at my house to survey the chaos, I was tempted to make them sign an insurance waiver to void me of any responsibility for psychological damage or physical damage as a result of disappearing into the pit and never emerging again.

I didn't though.

Instead I swallowed my pride and manned up.

At least I Fe-manned up, and I showed them the space I normally tried so hard to hide from anyone.

I figure we all have these kind of places in our homes, whether it be a garage or a spare room, a laundry or a pantry. You know those areas that totally do your head in, but you just cant be assed sorting it out as it seems to big a job.

That was EXACTLY how I felt about this garage.

But now it is done, with HUGE thanks to the Team at Howard Storage for teaching me their tried and true method;

Now I love me a good warts and all before and after. I kind of liken it to ripping the band aid off a festery old wound and seeing nice new skin underneath.

Wow That's a very appealing analogy isn't it - NOT!

Maybe I should just shut up now and show you the final images of the garage.

But before I do can I just tell you, my garage does not always look this tidy, despite the makeover.
I have three kids, boys no less, and they have a tendency to do the dump and dash.

I am trying to retrain them... trying being the operative word.

Anyway - here is my shiny new made over garage.

The key to the success of this garage was utilising storage systems to suit the space. Everything was custom fit to suit both the space and our needs and every wall was utilised.

I love it. I tell you - I cannot stop opening that garage door to look at it again and again.

Here are the products that were used in the makeover.

Wall racks, Surfboard racks & shelving systems - elfa System
Bike Storage -  double floor bike racks
Rake Hooks & Garden Storage - Ultra Hold Hook System & Elfa Cord Hook 
Tub Storage -  Tubtrugs

All these products can be purchased online or in store. To find the closest Howards Storage World store to you check out their store locator here.

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To celebrate the final reveal of the makeover I have 2 x $50 Howards Storage Vouchers to giveaway.

To enter make sure you LIKE Howards Storage on Facebook and please say Hi whilst you are there. Then leave me a comment telling me what part of your house hides all your junk.

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