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Tuesday 23 April 2013

In my Kitchen - The Evening Clean Up Battle - And a Method Giveaway

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***This Giveaway is now closed. Please see the bottom of this post for the winners details***

This post is brought to you by Method

It's a dilemma that often turns into an argument that men and women have night after night in households all over the world. 

To clean the kitchen or to not clean the kitchen? 

And more importantly - who is going to clean it?

In our house, I'm team clean and my husband is team nah stuff it lets go to bed.

I get it where he is coming from, I really do. He's tired, the kids and work have worn him down, I've pretty much nagged him to death and he just wants to chill out on the couch and watch some TV before hitting the sack. 

See I AM an understanding wife, I get it.

The problem is I just cant relax on the couch when there is mess that I can see. 

No seriously I am one of these weird anal retentive people that cannot work in a cluttered office, cannot sleep in a messy room and cannot relax with the kitchen in a mess.

First world problems - I know!

You see our family room is where we sit and watch TV at night, and it is part of a big open plan area at the back of our house. The kitchen is part of the open space so if there is mess to be seen, well rest assured I will be sitting there eyeballing it like no man's business.

I will fixate on it and huff a little, eyeball him and the kitchen and then huff a little more and hope that someone gets the hint and cleans it up.



Gawd I am so tired - Anyone but me PLEASE!

OK in the interest of full disclosure I am going to come clean. 

I am truly a sucky wife. 

The poor man not only cooks at least 4 nights a week, he is expected to either clean as he goes or clean up his mess too.

I do clean the kitchen as well, in fact I clean it at least 3 times a day, 7 days a week. After brekkie, lunch and afternoon snack time. But I hate cleaning up when someone else has cooked and even worse, I hate the argument we ALWAYS have when the dishwasher is being unloaded and the plates come out dirty.

You see apparently there is a right way to stack a dishwasher and there is a wrong way. No prizes for guessing which category my husband thinks my technique falls into.

I try to blame the dishwasher machine or the dish washing tablets, but to be fair - I just over load the poor machine and chuck all the dishes, crockery and cutlery in randomly and cram everything into every available space of the dishwasher.

Even my best efforts, the ones where I actually try to do it his way, end up being restacked by Carl the dish washer nazi.

He has tried to coach me, but despite his enduring patience it's a losing battle. 

A battle I choose to lose.

... because I hate cleaning the kitchen after dinner and packing the dishwasher.

Last week I gave Carl a gift - cause that's the caring kind of slack dish washing wife I am.

OK so it wasn't something I actually went out and chose for him with love, but it was something super cool that was sent to me try AND I even put them in a cute little jar just for him with their own chalkboard label and everything.

I know right!

I gave him these aptly named Smarty Dish dish washing tablets from Method -  because he is a very special smarty dishwasher packer. *ahem*

He may not have overly appreciated my thoughtful gift and he may have only spoken few words to me that night, but we both sat comfortably watching tele in a tidy silence. 

Me happily eyeing off the clean and tidy dish free kitchen and him enjoying the break from my huffing and puffing and eyeballing.

We were already HUGE fans of the Method Dish Soaps and these Smart Dish Dish washing Tablets are equally as impressive. Free from dirty chemicals like bleach and phosphates, perfumes and dyes they are safe option to wash your families dishes.

They don't have all that extra packaging, like the little fiddly packets you need to get open and then chuck, so even the laziest dishwasher like me can't complain.

The Method Dish Soaps come in the cute environmentally friendly packaging that Method do so well and the scents ... Oh The Scents! 

Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Currant and Ginger yuzu - good luck choosing, they are all divine. Lucky for you they are on sale anyway until the 30th April so you may as well just stock up and buy them all.

Now if you would like to win a gift for the special dishwasher packer in your life (even if that would be yourself), you have to enter to win this Method Dish washing Pack.

To enter just follow these steps;

1. Make sure you like Method on Facebook here and say hi whilst you are there.

2. Leave me a comment telling me your best tip to keeping a clean kitchen OR how you get out of doing the dishes. 

 Now for the Boring Bits -Terms and Conditions
  • Competition is open to Australian residents only
  • This is a Game of Skill and the winner will be chosen for their creativity, saviness or ability to make me laugh ... or cry.
  • Prizes will be sent to you direct from Method
  • The winners will be announced on this post right here on my blog and contacted by email. They will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner does not make contact me the prize will be redrawn and a new winner notified by email.
  • PLEASE PEOPLE - either register to comment or leave me an email address. I hate in when winners miss out because I cant get in contact with them.
  • The Competition is open now and closes at 7pm AEST Wednesday 07/05/13. 

Anna M (Guest):

How do I get out of doing the dishes? Are you serious?? I think I would have to be pronounced Dead for that to happen.
And keeping my kitchen clean...hahaha Oh you are sooooo funny. my kitchen is not 100% spotless and never has been...doubtful it ever will be BUT no one has ever had food poisioning from anything thats been prepared in my kitchen. Now perhaps thats because over the years my kids have built up this amazing immunity. My kitchen is not dirty but it is disorganised and well...its lived in. Sometimes the dishes are piled up...because Im the only one that does them and today is my day to have a minor breakdown and pretend im dead to get out of doing the dishes :)

Exploring The Hood - Manly

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway on behalf of Method. All opinions are my own and I take full ownership when it comes to admitting I'm a sucky wife.