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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Eggs and That is All!

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There are some mornings when you just wake up in a crabby mood for no real reason at all but you just feel like saying "Bite me" to the world.

The weather can do it to me, especially when it turns cold and rainy.

Thankfully working from home means I can hide away from the world and spare everyone of my sulking.

On days when I feel like this, I miss being a kid. Like really miss it!

I crave the big warm cuddles you get from your mum when you feel down. The ones that make you forget why you were even feeling so crappy in the first place.

I miss sitting down with a pile of colouring books and crayons and watching Tom and Jerry reruns.

I miss making a city of cubby houses by draping every available blanket over furniture and filling each little cocoon with pillows and cushions.

I miss reorganising my smelly eraser collections, tucked safely away in the comfort of my bedroom while the rain pounds on the window.

And I miss making up dances to Bucks Fizz.......

Oh God! Did I really just admit to that???

But there is something on a cold cranky day like this that always brings a smile to my face and melts away my crabbiness. I don't need to miss it, cause I am an adult and I can have it whenever I damn well feel like it.


Soft boiled sunny Googies and little toastie soliders.

Clearly I have not matured much beyond 5.

But on days like these, that is what I need and this is what I crave.

Eggs and that is all.

How do you deal with those days?
Do you have a favorite comfort food that magically lifts your mood?