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Friday 3 October 2014

Weekend Rewind - The Quarantine Station Ghost

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My 13 year old niece texted me earlier this week to ask me if I would take her and a couple of her friends to the Manly Quarantine Station Ghost tour. Of course, being a lover of all things spooky, I was all "hell yes" and booked us in immediately.

My own 13 year old son and a mate were also keen to go along, and so early Wednesday evening we set off for the tour.

Now, I am not overly afraid of things that go bump in the night. I have had a few ghostly encounters before and so I was totally psyched for this experience. I'd heard some incredibly eerie stories about others people's experience on the tour and yet despite being forewarned, I wasn't quite prepared for being as spooked as I was.

We were in luck because according to our guide, the spirits were very active the night we were there.

For the sceptics amongst us, a lot of what happened could be explained in some way.

The cold breeze on our faces and parts of our bodies in a totally enclosed room? Could have been an unseen crack in the wall.

The feeling of someone pressing up against me in the gas chamber, when no one is standing next to me? Imagination perhaps.

The elctro magnetic thingy majiggy detector going off randomly when the guide spoke to the spirits, or the woman who became so giddy she had to leave the room in the gas room - coincidence?

The slamming door - wind.

The weird sparkly lights and orbs - reflections.

The sounds of heavy keys dropping and a marble or rock being rolled along the floor, the scratching noises in thin air and the thumps and bumps could all be explained somehow if you tried.

This photo below however, this I could not explain away.

In the caretaker's cottage apparently resides the ghost of Sam. According to mediums, Sam is a poltergeist who along with the ability to move things, push and even knock people over and manipulate the temperature from hot to icy cold breezes, Sam is also a cranky soul who doesn't like people nosying around his cottage.

Despite being told this, we still nervously but respectfully wandered around the dark rooms of the caretaker's cottage in the pitch black, ours eyes adjusting to the darkness and our senses on high alert.

Apart from the overwhelming eeriness of the cottage, nothing much happened. Just a few bangs here and there, but nothing that sent me running from the building.

As we left the cottage, I lingered at the entrance with an older couple who were on the tour with us. I was standing across the doorway, pointing my phone into the empty cottage and taking photos, when we distinctively felt a warm breeze pass between us. This was odd in itself given we were standing outside on a hill where it was freezing cold. The three of us commented on it at the same time and nervously laughed it off before moving on to the next building.

I didn't think about the caretaker's cottage or the ghost of Sam, until I got home that night and looked at my phone.

What I found on my phone completely freaked me out.

The first few photos were black, despite the flash being on.

The next few photos were very hazy, like the room was thick with smoke... even though it wasn't.

There is a strange light in the photos, which could possibly be explained as a reflection.

The last photo however, was the one that ensured I didn't get much sleep that night.

Despite no one being in the cottage when I took the photo, you can very clearly see a black mass that looks remarkably like a heavy set man. For anyone to be in front of my camera and in my photo, they would have had to walk literally straight through me as I stood in the door way.

Could the figure in the photo have been the warm breeze we felt?


I'm spooked just thinking about it, and trust me, I am not easily scared by this kind of thing.

I didn't take many photos once the sun set, I was too busy being spooked. But here's some imagery I took of what I believe to be a very VERY haunted Quarantine Station.

What about you ...
Have you ever seen a ghost or had a spooky experience? Do tell!

Let's have a look at that picture for one last time. It keeps on freaking me out.

Have an awesome weekend you guys!

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