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Friday 31 October 2014

Weekend Rewind - A Totally Random Story About Compliments and Toe Bans

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I made a complete ass of myself again today... all because I suck at taking compliments.

I had stopped into the 7 Eleven on my way home from a meeting this morning, as I had a serious craving for an icy cold Coke in a glass bottle. It's got to be in glass, always glass because I cannot drink Coke or any fizzy drink for that matter, from a plastic bottle. I have this thing in my head that makes me believe that it is just not cold enough or refreshing enough unless it is in glass.

Are you the same or are you not fazed either way and just think I am weird...er than you originally gave me credit for?

Anyway, that paarticular argument is completely irrelevant because it was what happened when I was in the servo that was behind today's serving of self imposed humiliation.

So I grabbed my icy cold glass bottle of coke from the fridge and I plonked it down in front of the register and start digging around in my purse for some change.

"That's a nice colour lipstick" says a man's voice.

I look up from my purse and look at the man behind the counter before quickly spinning around to look behind me. When I find there is no one behind me, It dawns on me that he was talking to me.

"You what?" I asked somewhat bewildered.

"That's a nice colour lipstick you are wearing maam" he said again as he looked directly at me.

I paused for a count before I opened my lips and started furiously rubbing at my teeth "Oh man, do I have lipstick on my teeth?" I mumbled with my finger stuck in my mouth.

"No, I don't think so, I didn't notice" he said "I just like the colour of your lipstick, it looks nice on you" he added without breaking out into the fits of laughter I was totally expecting from him.

"Ahhhh thanks. I like the colour of your ummm head thingy" I said pointing to the purple cloth wrapped around the top of his head whilst cursing myself for having a total brain fart and not remembering the name of it.

"Its a Toe ban" he informed me "Thank you"

"A WHAT? A Toe ban?" I asked incredulously

No maam, its a T.U.R.B.A.N he repeated slowly and clearly so that I wouldn't misunderstand his accent again.

"Of course it''s a turban Sonia you moron" I thought to myself as we stood there in awkward silence, neither of us knowing what to say or do next. "der"

I quickly grabbed some guilt purchases - you know, the packet of mints, three Curly Whirlys for the kids and an NW mag that you buy because you are so embarrassed by what just went down and you think that buying extra stuff will make up for being such an A class idiot.

I placed them next to my icy cold coke in it's glass bottle and handed over my keycard all the while feeling like a complete moron.

I walked out of there somewhat stunned by what had just gone down. How on earth did I manage to turn what I am guessing was supposed to be a nice innocent compliment into that awkward confusing exchange of words?

Because I suck at taking compliments. That's why!

The point is... well there is no point really. In hindsight this post is just as random as a stranger in a servo with a purple 'toe ban' on his head telling me that he likes my lipstick colour. Except, next time I will just offer a simple thank you for a compliment instead of creating such a toe ban curling awkward situation and looking like a complete ass.

I do however stand by my claim that coke is colder and tastes better in a glass bottle.

Oh by the way... if you remember, come back tomorrow as I have a HUGE announcement I have been busting to tell you about!

Happy Weekend you guys xx

How are you at accepting compliments?
Do you prefer Coke and fizzy drink in glass over plastic?
Do me a favour and say turban out loud with an Indian (I think) accent.. Does it sound like 'toe ban' to you or am I just a moron with wax in her ears?

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