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Friday 24 October 2014

Weekend Rewind - Don't Be Shy!

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Remember how yesterday I was kinda sorta bragging a little about telling some porkies to my kids about how I didn't really do much whilst they were at school, when really I had taken the day off work and was off gallivanting around Manly and lunching with friends?

Yeah, well I got bit in the ass I did... not literally, although that would make for one helluva story if someone did actually take a bite of my butt wouldn't it?

Nope instead I spent the night up at the hospital with one of my boys who had a suspected twisted testies.

I know, ouch right!

I don't even own a set of dangly bits but I'm still crossing my legs at the thought.

He's fine and just has to take it easy and rest the bits for a few days, which of course, meant he was home from school today.

But then one of his brothers who absolutely refused to be outdone by a testicle and jipped out of a day off school, conveniently came down with a whopper of a headache that granted him VIP access to the couch too.

And so consequently the two of them spent the day snarling at each other and fighting over the iPad, whilst I played the role of referee slash madwoman trying to catch up from a shifty day off whilst rescuing not one but two motherless baby bandicoots from our backyard.

Karma huh. She can be a tad temperamental at times.

On another note, I have been absolutely loving the fact that so many new bloggers have taken the time to say hello lately and I have spent many a night this week pouring over your gorgeous blogs.

Now I know who you are, please don't be shy OK. Join up with BronSoniaKelly, myself and loads of other awesome bloggers for the Weekend Rewind, as it's an awesome way to introduce new readers to your blog and for you to meet some other totally fabulous bloggers too.

Just link up your fave post from the week and then pop around and say hello to a few other lovely linkees.

So I was drooling and itching to let Mad Martha out after reading some of last week's links and I thought I would share some of my fave posts from last week's Weekend Rewind.

Happy Weekend you guys - hope you enjoy the promised sunshine.

What did you get up to this past week?
Been bitten on the butt by any porkies lately?

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