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Tuesday 7 October 2014

You Want To What???

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Forgive me for the brevity of this post today, but you see my arms are mere lumps of lead that I cannot lift higher than my boobs courtesy of a little over zealous paddling on my behalf yesterday.

The gorgeous Sydney weather demanded we head outdoors over the weekend and since I made an out of the blue decision to get fit once and for all, I had us out paddling and kayaking, and swimming and bike riding.

Moderation and easy does it logic was clearly missing from my itinerary this past few days, because I went for the all or nothing approach and now I'm paying for it.

At night time, in the comfort of my bed, I have these bright ideas about exercise. They seem like an excellent idea at the time and when I wake up in the morning I am ready with nostrils flaring and Eye of the Tiger on loop in my head.

This is not a new habit of mine, I've done it many a times before. Like for example the time I decided that roller blading would be awesome and I would be really good at it and so first thing in the morning I headed out to buy myself some fancy shmancy roller blades.

Turns out I wasn't very good at roller blading, in fact I sucked and spent more time on my ass than I did my feet. I added roller blading to the list of other thinks I'm not very good at like skiing, gymnastics, wake boarding and skate boarding.

So last night I decided I want to learn to run.

Yeah I can my family laughing right now as they read this - You want to what??

Laugh away all you like, but I want to learn to run, like properly run Forest Gump style and all that.

I figure running sounds so cleansing for the mind and I love the romantic notion of my feet pounding the pavement as I glide along the streets.

In my dreams I glide when I run, all even gait and bouncy pony tails. Sadly I have a feeling the reality will most likely prove to be not nearly as elegant as my running style in my dreams.

Before we go any further, I should tell you, I have not run properly for like 20 years. Certainly not since the accident... although there was that one time that my son was knocked on the head at Rugby and I ran around the field to get to him. Although I probably shouldn't really class that as running as it was more of a crab like gallop.


This time, I want to do it properly and with a lot of patience and effort I reckon I'm good for the challenge. At least until I'm proved otherwise.

Heck my mum who is nearly 70 runs every morning. No bull - she took it up about a year ago and her fitness levels leave me gobsmacked. She is seriously beyond amazing!

Which brings me to ask - have you ever started running out of the blue?

What strategy did you use i.e techniques, programs, apps etc?

Did you start from zero fitness or have to build up to it?

How did your pelvic floor hold up?

No really did it hold up?

I don't want any embarrassing accidents as I figure I am going to embarrass myself enough as it is with the latest idea of mine. But I'm keen as mustard to lose this ass and get in shape, so any help would be greatly appreciated.