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Tuesday 14 October 2014

The Day I Growled At a Stranger

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So I had a different post all scheduled for today... a nice warm, fuzzy one all about family stuff from the weekend.

But based on my behaviour today, I kind of felt it would be inappropriate, misleading even of me (to say the least) to put up such a nice post.

I honestly don't know what came over me today, and I promise I have NEVER done anything quite like this before...

I growled at a complete stranger in the post office.

I actually growled.

Like a frigging dog!

I was standing in line reading emails on my phone and waiting to be served when this woman who was probably about the same age as me raced in straight to the front of the queue and pushed in without a care for anyone else in the line.

I turned to the people behind me in shock, looking for a little moral support, rotten tomatoes to peg at her head, something, anything. But the old guy directly behind me (bless him) probably couldn't even see me standing right in front of him so I don't think he would have known if 50 people pushed in or not, and the woman behind him was more interested in stopping her toddler from pulling out all the cards and post packs from the racks and gave me nothing more than an exasperated sigh.

I don't know why I didn't tap the pusherinerer on the shoulder and say something civilised like "Excuse me, but do you realise you just pushed in?"

I could have even just coughed discreetly to get her attention and then pointed to the queue behind me.

In hindsight I can come up with at least 10 different actions and things I should have said, but...

But noooooo.

Clearly I decided to handle the situation like the sensible member of society that I am...

I growled.

Yep, I stood behind her and growled a deep guttural grumbly growl and when she turned to look at me I was so totally shocked by what I had just done and so completely embarrassed and ashamed of myself, all I could do was stare at my shoes.

MAJOR cringe moment.


I have honestly never ever in my life ever growled at anyone before.

I swear!

OK except the dog, but I figure that's just me communicating with him and telling him he is an asshole for eating my cushions... in dog speak.

I was once described as passive aggressive by my therapist, and I meekly accepted his diagnosis, then went home and promptly wrote his name in my black book three times AND put a line through it (an old Irish curse I picked up from a lovably eccentric aunt of mine).

Can you imagine the field day that Dr would have with this one?

Me, a respectable mother of three growling at a strange in a public post office.

I guess he was was right after all, maybe I am more of a non confrontational passive aggressive psycho than I have ever given myself credit for.

Well, in my defence... at least I didn't bite her!

Have you ever humiliated yourself in public? Do tell!
How would / have you handled a pusherinerer?