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Friday 24 October 2014

Halloween Party At Home

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This post is brought to you by Coles

Halloween, love it or hate it, is just around the corner and its coming for you and me for all of us.

Yep, come October 31st, the streets will come alive with witches and zombies and goblins and insert a gazillion other costume ideas here, because generally, on Halloween, anything goes.

We live in an estate that totally embraces Halloween and trick or treating (with a major emphasis on the treating part) and despite my *ahem* strict pre-child stance on never getting caught up in the Halloween hype, come Hallows Eve you will find me wandering the street with some other mum friends as we tag along behind our dressed up kids as they knock on neighbours doors in search of loot.

The hubby stays at home armed with treats to hand out to the creatures that come on knocking on our door and he is under strict instructions. Box A treats go to kids we know and Box B treats go to the random ghouls we have never laid eyes on before.

This year I have Box A consists of Chupa Chup Ghosts, Bat Poo and Jelly cup Jack-O-Lanterns.

Box B contains a whole load of Gruesome Body Parts.

Apart from the usual dressing up and roaming of the streets (and because I am inclined to go completely over the top with pretty much any excuse of a celebration), I like to throw a party at home for the boys too.

I put together a whole load of gruesome goodies, let the kids loose on the grub and then together as a family, we massacre carve up a pumpkin or two.

All of our Halloween party treats and goodies were put together from items I sourced from Coles, except for the googly eyes with I grabbed from my local craft store. And the beauty of this offering is that there are actually some healthy foods disguised as treats thrown into the mix. Mum 1 Kids 0. For the win!

Mummy Milkshakes & Spooky Eyes
Glass of malted milk in a bottle dressed up with a crepe bandage and some googly eyes, accompanied by Oreos split in half with some black icing for pupils.

Vampire Blood
You can use Blackcurrant juice for this or a little creaming soda if you are game.

Zombie Eating Watermelon
Cut the bottom off a whole watermelon and scoop out the insides. Carefully carve a face into the melon carcass and then arrange the chopped up melon, some grapes and blueberries (or whatever fruits your kids are into) around the base so it looks like the watermelon is puking zombies. Yeah I know, but the grosser the better on Halloween.

Bat Poo & Ghost Poo
Again with the grossness, but if it has the word poo in it, I can pretty much guarantee your kids are going to love it.

The Bat Poo is just a mixture of Malteasers and sultanas in a seal lock bag with a Bat poo topper you can download this topper below). The Ghost poo is mere popcorn in a bucket.

Spider web Tarts
You simply buy the ready made Raspberry Tarts from the Coles Bakery section and using a black icing writing pen from the bakery aisle, draw on some webs.

Chupa Chup Ghosts
Tear up squares of paper towel and fold it over the head of the Chupa Chup. Tie (or hot glue) a little ribbon around the neck and draw on some eyes with black pen.

Jelly Cup Jack-O-Lanterns
Flip some jelly fruit cups upside down, draw on a face with a black marker and hot glue a little twisted pipe cleaner on top.

Pumpkin Carving
Grab one of the Halloween Carving Pumpkins, or one of the Mini Halloween Little Jack Pumpkins which Coles has especially grown for carving (not eating) and download one of the free pumpkin carving stencils at coles.com.au. Then you and the kids can create a master piece or something that looks like Freddy Kruger did a number on... Whatever.

Ghost Centerpiece
Scrunch clear cellophane into a ball, leaving a little out the bottom to poke into a bottle full of water. Drape over with white tissue paper, tie a ribbon around the neck and glue on a couple of googly eyes.

Dont forget to stock up on treats for any little monsters that come-a-knockin, tricks arent all that frequent in a friendly neighbourhood, but hey, why take the chance!

Coles has loads of Halloween themed goodies, as well as decorating and costumes for the kids too so there is no excuse to not be prepared and my advice - be very very prepared as you dont want to start a zombie apocalypse.

So how about you - are you guys doing Halloween this year?

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