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Tuesday 28 October 2014

The One Where I Sort Of Kind Of Not Really Try to Explain Myself

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I may have waved the kids off a little too enthusiastically this morning at school drop off.

"See ya later have a great day be good I love you" vrroooooooooom ... I was out of there and on my way to pick up my Mum and scoot us as fast as I could to IKEA.

Hot diggety damn, I love that place.

I mean, there you are all innocently wandering around amidst an explosion of housey porn and you're so busy chucking a couple of these, one of that, and ohhhhh maybe 4 of those, into your trolley and before you know it, you're calling for a back up trolley because someone *ahem* chucked a whole load of stuff in your trolley when you weren't looking.

That happens at IKEA you know?

I've tried explaining this to my hubby (more times than I care to remember) that IKEA has super speedy Ninjas that whip around the aisle chucking random stuff into your trolley and because you are so busy soaking up all the awesomeness around you and they are so quick and swifty, you don't even realise what has happened until after you have paid for it all. By then you are so plum tuckered out and ready to go home, that you're all "Oh well, I paid for it so I may as well take it home with me."

Or something like that.

What? It's true!

It happens you know!

Heck we were so preoccupied that neither my Mum or I noticed that I walked out with a big yellow chair.

Oh ok, I may have been lucid enough to know what I was doing when it came to that chair.... but I totally blame my Mum.

Don't let her innocent finger wagging fool you. She is an enabler my friends. And a notorious enabler at that.

Anyway, no harm done. Well not much anyway.

And as for that chair... that awesome bright yellow chair that makes my heart sing... well it just so happened that I had a perfect little corner waiting for it at home. so we're all good. We've made peace.

Earlier today, Kathy from Ying Yang Mother asked the question on my Facebook page today - "what is the average amount you spend at Ikea, and what is the lowest amount - one time I went there and only spent like $80, normally we're talking $200." 

Well Kathy, in my humble opinion,  if you walk out of IKEA having only parted with $200 then you have done exceptionally well. 

But then I am the daughter of an enabler so whatever.

Over to you...

What would be your average spend when you visit IKEA?
Do you show your partner everything your bought or do you kind of just put it in it's place at home and hope that no one notices?
Have you ever accidentally kinda of on purpose bought anything you didn't actually set out to buy?

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