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Saturday 14 May 2016

Beautifully Faking It

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Ready for the big confession here?

Sometimes I fake it.

Oh get your mind out of the gutter you devious people, I'm talking about flowers alright. *cough cough*

I am the biggest flower lover, I like them scattered all around the house, in the bathroom, next to my bed, and strategically placed on top of a pile of laundry because let's face it - flowers make everything... well prettier right?

The problem with having a flower addiction is that unless you have a garden full of pickable blooms, then you will probably be on more than a first name basis with your local florist or flower supplier.

In fact you will probably have a VIP seat reserved for you at their kid's wedding because you are spending a small fortune with them to feed your flower addiction and therefore paying for part of that wedding!

And so that's where faking it becomes totally legit, especially when you are faking it with something so beautifully fake as these gorgeous artificial flowers and plants by Secret Blooms.

I have these stunning blooms scattered all around the warehouse and everyone always comments on how real they look and how they add to the beauty of the space.

OK so these beautiful bouquets and arrangement are going to set you back a little bit more than the bunch you grab from your local flower market - but totally justifiable you guys because they they don't die.

Nor do they smell when you forget about them and they don't drop bits on your bench and stain your Ceaserstone either... Grrrr I'm looking at you sweet Tiger Lilly's.

You can choose from a huge array of ready to display bouquets and arrangements as well as loose bouquets you can arrange yourself in your own vessels.

The arrangements are made to order and the lovely ladies from Secret Blooms work with a host of floral designers to design bouquets that are classically elegant and timeless, yet bang on trend.

You can check out the Secret Bloom website here for pricing and more info and follow them on instagram here to see their drool worthy pics. If you'd like to see some blooms in person, come on in and say hello to me at Little Lane Workshops and check them out for yourselves.

Are you a flower addict?
Do you ever fake it - in the flower department?