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Monday 16 May 2016

Weakness Schmeakness!

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Everyone has a weakness.

Oh go on, weakness schmeakness - just you try and deny it.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and proclaim that unless you are made of metal or you're some kind of saint - in which case COOL, I've never met a real metal person or saint before - then I'm pretty sure you have at least one thing to confess to finding it really really hard to resist.

I have something.

Actually I have a whole list of things that puts my will power under the pump and tests my underdeveloped ability to resist temptation.

The thing is, I reckon there some things that are not even worth resisting...  right?

I mean if they bring you pleasure and cause no real harm, then hey - why not say screw it and just go for it.

OK so there are some weaknesses that have good reason to avoid, especially if your head has alarm bells going off at a billion decibels... and you know what? If you have the strength to resist them - then all credit to you, because my will power sucks.... BIG time.

My weaknesses include but are by no means limited to;

Thick doughy warm bread with lashings of butter. I'm talking straight out of the oven so that the butter melts upon touch. It gives me the worst indigestion and a bad dose of the hiccups, but damn there are fewer things better than hot buttery bread.

Pro-caffination. I'm talking about that cup of warm molten tonic from the cool little cafe you cannot stop yourself from ducking into - even though you are running late to complete a list of errands you have to get done before school pick up. The aroma, the taste, the sweet sweet procrastination. Yup its a totally legitimate weakness.

How about a brand spanking new notebook. It does not matter that I already have no less than three or four notebooks already on the go, because hey, who am I to ignore the calling of a fresh new page in a crisp new book? Heck even if I have nothing to write in it - I'll make something up, a list, anything, any excuse will do.

A G&T in a swanky wanky mason jar. Its got gin, its got lemon, its a freaking mason jar for crying out loud. Say no more.

Cushions. My garage is like a graveyard for cushions I have fallen out of love with. I'm not kidding. Go in there and you will feel like you are in the back room of your local Adairs or something because there are perfectly good cushions stacked on top of each other and the only reason they are in there, is because I have caved to the temptation of buying new ones... again.

Bookstores. Oh man what's not to love about losing yourself in a book store oasis. Let's just ignore the fact that I have at least eight or nine books already stacked up on my bedside waiting for me to get around to reading, because I am a sucker for a good chick lit or a book on mystical spirituality and enlightenment and there are worse things to fall victim too.

Alright so there's six things off my practically infinite list of weaknesses. So now it's your turn - go on, in the spirit of friendship and sharing is caring - give me a little something from your closet of secrets.

Tell me - What's at least one of your Weaknesses?