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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Winter Style Crush & Some Passion Pinning

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I know I know, here we go again - me getting all mushy about STUFF.

Now when I say stuff - I don't mean the regular sort of 'stuff' that normal people tend to get all mushy about, like love and feelings and cute animals doing cute animal things.


I'm getting mushy about things for the home, like furniture and leather and marble and that kind of lush 'stuff'.

I find myself crushing hard on home 'stuff' like this at least 4 times a year.... OH OK that's a lie, I'm pretty much ALWAYS like this when it comes to home decorating, but in particular it's when the seasons are changing and I am bored with the current look in our home and I start fantasising about all the beautiful things I would buy if I was rich... which just so we are very clear... I'm not.

Rich that is.

But if I did have the cash to flash, I would be without an ounce of remorse, stripping back our home and replacing the non sentimental things with a whole lot of 'stuff' made of marble, and leather and natural wood and metals and prickly things that make me go ooooo.

Horses for courses of course, these things are not to everyone's tastes but here's a little peek at some of things I have been 'passion pinning' onto my Pinterest boards lately.

In case you are wondering - 'Passion Pinning' can be defined as the someone who engages in moaning and groaning and possibly even drooling as they feverishly pin to their Pinterest board. Generally the level of excitement reaches a peak where the pinner is forced to leave their computer to partake in something that will ultimately satisfy their desire for whatever it is they are pinning.... in my case - it involved rearranging the house.

Whatever floats your boat right?


Image source: IKEA

Retro style furniture gets me all goosebumpy. I'm a sucker for anything Parker and up-cycled pre loved family heirlooms with a that distinctive retro flavour. Admittedly this one above it not legitimately retro because... well its from IKEA, but I wouldn't turn it away if it arrived on my door step.

Clockwise from top left
image source: The Design Villa
image source: KatarinaNatalie
image source: Lunehjem

Header image and this print from: Home & Abode available on Down That Little Lane

I'll admit I've been a bit slow to the whole wild horse art thing, but I making up for lost time now.

Clockwise from top left
image source: Style-file
image source: Beacon Lighting
image source: Polyvore
image source: French By Design

Crushing on any particular 'stuff' yourself lately?
Engaged in any 'Passion Pinning'