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Monday 2 May 2016

Finally Something We Can ALL Agree On

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There are two things on our shopping list that turns our house into a mum versus kids’ kind of standoff (hubby comes under the kid’s umbrella on this one)…

Bread and milk, and given the amount of both my boys consume, it’s a standoff that takes place almost daily.

I want soy milk, one wants skim milk, one wants chocolate milk and the other two aren’t fussy at all – as long as it is the full fat variety and absolutely nothing else.

Whilst I love the idea of a cow free roaming in our backyard that I could get fresh milk from… I have two dogs that would drive even the most heavily sedated cow completely balmy... not to mention our backyard is far too small for any kind of ‘free roaming’ action.

That being said, we did however have an old person who lived in the Dementia unit in the nursing home over the back fence and he or she would moo daily which was rather nice, especially when I was hanging the washing out and could pretend that I was living in the country… alas the mooing has stopped lately and so I am once again completely cowless.

Clearly I’m just not destined to ever own a cow.

And let’s not get started on the numerous arguments have unfolded over the humble loaf.

Oh Ok then… let’s!

Crusts on or crusts off?
To freeze or not to freeze?
White bread versus wholemeal?

Just like I did at their age, they turn their noses up at the wholemeal bread or the “dirty bread“  as my children like to call it, and as for crusts?

Well… all bar one of mine are happy with the crusts on, the youngest declared at age three after I told him the old hair on the chest tale that “I dooooon't wanna have hairy breasts” and he hasn’t eaten crusts since.

Now the old freezing bread debate. It would definitely be an added convenience as far as I’m concerned, but since the hubby refuses to eat defrosted bread… yeah, no, it’s just not going to happen here.

We go through a lot of bread in this house.

In fact I calculated that the kids in our house alone consume approximately 312 loaves of bread a year… more if you count the bread eaten by their friends.

Holy baguette that is a lotta bread folks, and a whole lotta time spent arguing over what type of bread they are going to eat.

I have been experimenting with making my own bread lately, and it’s been going down a treat. I feel virtuous and all earth mother-ish when I make it… however…  I think I got some sort of RSI in my elbow from all the kneading it took, the kids devoured it faster than I could make it and I am pretty sure that just like the idea of owning a cow, It’s a phase that will pass, sooner rather than later.

Besides, I’m just not cut out for daily bread making ( I aint got no time for dat!) and I like the convenience of prepackaged bread and bottled milk, and so every day after school pick up, I head to the grocery store to grab our daily loaf of bread and extra big bottle of milk.

Segue to the fabulous folks at Tip Top who arrived at our door last week with our very own backyard cow named Daisy and our very own personal live in baker.
No not really.

There’s no cow, or personal baker… but there is a new white bread that keeps me- the nagging mum happy, as well as the hungry troops satisfied.

It’s a good white bread.

A powerful white bread.

It’s a white bread that has no added sugar, no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

It’s bread that for once in our lives, our family actually agree on.

It’s Tip Top Extra Protein white bread  that is high in fibre,  baked with wheat and soy protein and has 75% more protein than Tip Top’s Sunblest bread… in fact it has 20% of your daily protein needs***

Did you know that wheat has protein in it?
I didn’t. I just naturally assumed that you had to eat wholemeal or wholegrain bread to get that protein.

If you are a white bread shopper, you will find Tip Top Extra protein It’s available in all Woolworths, Coles and independent grocery stores and retails for RRP $4.49

Go the white bread winner.

For once, we all win. I can give the kids and the hubby the bread they want AND I get to feel good about it at the same time.