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Sunday 1 May 2016

The One That Had Me Sobbing Like No Man's Business

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Hello lovely people.

You know whats really weird? When I haven't blogged for a while, I sit back down at my computer and feel like a melancholy love sick teen writing in her diary. I feel like I should be writing something like;

Dear diary,
Its been a while and I have so much to tell you... insert 6 pages of everything including he said / she said and what I have eaten, done, read, seen blah blah blah.

Except I'm not going to do that, because even though it has been a while and there has been a whole lot going on, the truth is - that's life huh?! Life is a whole lot of stuff going on, so let's just get on with this post.

So school holidays have been and gone and we can all breathe again for a little while.

Don't get me wrong - I've actually come to enjoy the school holidays, or at least the part where I don't have to rush around in the mornings, drag kids out of bed, and then argue over breakfast, lunches, missing shoes and incomplete homework.

It's just that as per usual, during these recent school holidays, the old working mother's guilt rose up and pointed her finger in my face and made me feel shit.

I was working a whole load these holidays and my younger two kids were bored - which of course made me feel really bad.

But that's what we do right?

We feel bad about stuff because - hey we are mums, and they are our precious babies and even though we tell ourselves we are doing the best that we can, and we tell each other to go easy on yourself,  and you're doing good and all that yada yada... we still feel bad or guilty because that's just part of what you get for being a mum.

Consider it the free bonus steak knives that you are going to get whether you want them or not.

That said, aside from the guilt, we also get the good stuff too.

We get those moments that see us all emotional and happy and feeling like the most blessed human on the planet.

Those moments that leave you feeling so damn grateful that you think your heart is quite possibly going to burst and you want to dramatically fling your arms into the air, sing some praise to the heavens and the universe and then spin and spin to some uplifting movie like soundtrack that's totally imaginary cause its playing in your head until you get so giddy you fall on your ass, show your knickers to the world and really do not give a damn that they are your ugly grey ratty knickers.

Or something like that.

I had the mother of all moments like that just last week.

We had been running some school holiday workshops at the warehouse that we share with my beautiful friend Kate.

As many of you know, not only is Kate and her gorgeous family an extension of my own family, I have also had the joy of working for her business Uberkate for the past few years and part of my role is to help to spread the word about her precious jewellery.

These past few weeks I have been busy organising some special mother's day pieces to be designed by the kids of some special bloggers and digital influencers as part of our Uberkate Mother's Day marketing campaign and I've been an absolute sentimental sook about all the gorgeous drawings and messages coming in from the kids to their mums.

Cutting to the chase, this one particular day whilst I was busy entertaining other people's children at the workshops and feeling crap about no seeing mine, Kate took my own youngest Flynn and worked with him to create something that was going to be responsible for turning me into a complete blubbering mess.

Better yet, they had someone video it and put music to it and... Oh my flipping God I just can't even.

You have to watch it and see for yourself what I'm talking about because I'm just gonna go and ruin a perfectly good laptop with happy tears if I keep talking about it.

Just a precursor to how this surprise played out -  after the kid's workshop was finished, Kate came out and told me to go and sit down on the couch for a minute. When I suddenly looking around for Flynn I realised I hadn't seen him for a while and with that my heart started beating insanely fast because I thought she was going to tell me about something he had done or broken or some kind of mischief he'd been up to whilst Id been working.

How awful am I?!

Wait no, don't answer that OK. I already know.

What happened next was so not what I was expecting and OK OK enough rambling.

Just watch.

Hold me.

I don't know how many times I have watched that now, and every time I finish watching it, I go and find that sweet fair haired boy of mine and hug him.

It does not matter what a turd he is being or has been, he loves me, and every time I look at this beautiful Expression pendant and replay the look of utter pride on his face from the moment he gave it to me - all turdish thoughts shall evaporate.

You see Uberkate has this really cool technology where they can engrave your kids drawings or the words of your partners or your parents, your friends and your family onto any piece of their stunning gold and silver jewellery.

It's called Your Script and you can engrave the words from a letter or even a card that you have from someone you have loved and lost.

It's a free service they offer - can you believe that?


It's one of the engraving options they offer when you purchase any of their jewellery.

Hats off to you Kate and Flynn. You got me big time and I love you both to bits for doing such a special thing for me.

Check out Uberkate's range of gorgeous jewellery you can purchase for any occasion... and ahem Mother's Day. And follow Uberkate on instagram here to keep up with the latest and greatest news.