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Monday 9 May 2016

Mother's Day Gratitude

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I've gotta to tell you - I still have pinch me moments when I look at my three boys.

How did it happen?

How did they happen?

I mean.. OK, I know how it happened... I kinda figured that out after a while... but how did I go from being a kid myself to being a mum of three awesomely crazy kids?

It's so totally whacky because on most days - I honestly feel like I am still just a kid myself, winging it through this parenting gig and faking being a grown up and all that.

Those boys of mine look at me and they trust me... and what really blows me away is that they honestly believe I have half a clue about what I am doing.

Bless them.

I'm trying boys.

So Mother's Day is a day that many of us dedicate to saying thanks to our mums.. right?

It's a day where we take some time to honour our mums - be it in person or in memory.

We may take the opportunity on Mother's Day to spoil our mums - making her feel special in a show of gratitude for all the stuff mums do and have done, and we may also take the opportunity to say "sorry mum" for any turdish teenage behaviour we subjected her to.


My own sweet boys spoiled me yesterday with chocolates, slippers, flowers and sweet Mother's Day stall gifts as well as gorgeous cards and letters that will go straight into my keep box.

I may very well frame the 'Cool mum poster' Sammy made me - for obvious reasons of course because HELLO, I made cool mum status, and I'll be keeping that "mum's ALWAYS know best" card that the teenager gave me close by, you know, just in case he ever needs a little subtle reminding of it in the future.

This Mother's day I was so very blessed to spend the day with my own mum as well as spending it with my own three boys.

Believe me - I know how lucky I am to tell you that and not for one moment did I take that for granted.

There once was a time when doctors told my parents that there was a possibly their daughter (me) would be unable to have kids.

Thankfully we proved them wrong.

There was a time less (than a year ago) that we were worried we may never get to celebrate another Mother's Day with my own mum thanks to leukaemia.

Thankfully she proved them wrong.

This Mother's Day we ate lunch together, we exchanged gifts and reminisced. We quietly remembered the precious mums no longer with us and there was definitely an unspoken sense of relief and immense gratitude among us for the fact that my own beautiful mum was sitting there next to us.

I know Mother's Day isn't an easy day for everyone, for so many reasons, and to those of you who struggled through yesterday - I just want you to know you were in my thoughts and I am sending you so much love today and every Mother's Day in future.