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Friday 6 May 2016

Mind Your Manners

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There is one thing that really gets my goat growling.

Actually there are quite a number of things, and I could probably fill a 54 page exercise book with them all, but there is one thing in particular at the moment that sees me sitting here with my ranty pants on and the urge to spew a paragraph or two about.

That would be manners.

Or more precisely - the lack there of ... specifically in adults.

I mean you can kind of forgive a kid for forgetting his please and thank yous every now and then right?

Sure, we'll prompt them with the old "what do you say" line to encourage them, but they're kids right? They're are still learning and there is definitely room to improve.

But proper grown ups who don't feel the need to include those two words in their basic interactions with people. Grrrr now that absolutely has the heat to get me all boiling up inside.

I'm actually astounded at how many adults struggle with saying a simple please or thank you.

Maybe I am being too generous with the use of the word 'struggle' because let's face it - how flipping hard is it to wrap your lips around those words?

Now sorry.... well sorry has a whole lot of emotion and baggage attached to it and one could almost be forgiven for sometimes having a reluctance to use that word given that the path that leads you to saying it can often be fraught with psychological booby traps, mental mines and 10 foot emotional walls blocking the way.

But thank you?

And please?

Come on, even if you feel about as grateful as you would for a trunk full of dust, how fricken hard is it to say just say 'thanks'... you know if for nothing else than to make the person you are saying it to feel good!

And doesn't a normal human just feel kind of weird asking for anything with out a please following the request?

In the past few weeks alone I've been witness to at least half a dozen situations where there was a big empty space where a thank you could have and should have been.

At least one of these occasions left me absolutely gobsmacked and led me to not so subtly prompt them for a thank you on behalf of someone else who had been very very generous.

What's with that?

Do you think it is like some kind of sense of entitlement that leads to ... well nothing where a please or a thank you should be?

Is it that some people simply feel that they are getting or should get what they deserve in life and therefore no please or thank you is required?

Or is it just a plain old lack of manners or a case of you really should no better but clearly you don't sort of playing out here people?

Am I getting my knickers in a twist over something minor because I don't think I am but hey... I'm happy for someone to try and convince me otherwise.

Until such a time I am convinces otherwise, I have this to say to ungrateful obnoxious twats - mind your manners and check yourself!

Rant over.

As you were.

Tell me - anything got your goat growling at the moment?

Anything you want to have a gripe about and get off your chest?