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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Hypothetical Hump Day 1

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I have always loved playing the old hypothetical 'would you rather?' game.

In fact I'm like kinda obsessed with it and I'm always driving my friends bat shit crazy asking "would you rather blah or blah" and then analysing their responses.

I like to know if you'd choose the green grass on this side of the fence or the greener grass over there.

Perhaps I was a ridiculously intelligent psychologist in another lifetime and I have a predisposed NEED to play this game and understand how your brain works.

Or maybe I'm just an immature 10 year old stuck in a 40 year old's body or a some kind of psychotic busy body who likes to know correction DESPERATELY NEEDS TO KNOW what other people think?


I'm just going to notch it up to naturally inquisitive nature.

So, on that note, I thought it would be fun to introduce Hypothetical Hump Day... a day where we celebrate all things 'would you or would you' flavour.

The rules are simple - I give you a hypothetical situation and you give me your answer.

Fun right?

Oh come on, humour me.

If it really sucks we won't play anymore.

I'll go first.

So you have planned to spend a whole day in the city on y0our own with just you and the kids. You are going sightseeing and to some work appointments, a bit of clothes shopping and included in the day is breakfast, lunch and dinner at some place really fancy.

Would you rather:

Your kids be complete assholes for the full day from beginning to end and I mean tantrums and meltdowns and obnoxiously turdish behaviour for everyone to witness in return for then being the most perfect sweet and helpful little angels for you for a whole week whilst at home.

or would you rather:

Your kids behave so beautifully on your day out that everyone comments on what delightful humans they are and praises you for your awesome parenting skills and you get to actually enjoy your day out with them... but then you have to put up with them being ferocious little truckers for a whole week at home.

I'd choose...

Wait for it...

Drumroll please someone...

Oh just give me the damn drumroll already it's MY game!

I'd choose door number one please - the one where they are obnoxious twats in public for one day and then angelic for a whole week because one day of pain a week's worth of gain.

Sure I'd be embarrassed as all hell, I would probably develop a nervous tic and break out in hideous hives but I figure I could take my time recovering from the day out in the peaces and quiet of my happy peaceful filled with happy, peaceful offspring.

Rightio your turn.

What would you rather?
You have to choose one or the another!