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Tuesday 18 September 2012

3 Whole Days of Blogging Shenanigans!

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Last week a whirlwind hit Sydney. No it was a literal whirlwind, more of a Holy Crap Bloggers there are in town kind of whirlwind.

I spent Thirsday night in the city and my roomies for the night were Kristy from The Imperfect Mum who I have been bloggy buddies with almost from my first week but have never actually met in the flesh (by the way she is every bit as kind and passionate and gorgeous as you would imagine her to be) and my adorable friend Fi from My Mummy Daze.

So we hit the town and worked our way from the top - down and yes now I AM literally speaking when I say from the top. We braved the SKYWALK at the Sydney Tower Eye .... holy crap oh yes we did!

Thank you so much to Jenna from Hausemann Communications for organising this tour for us and also to Kimberly from Sydney Tower Eye for giving us the full tour and totally scaring the bejeezers out of us when she made the glass platform suddenly jolt out over the city and then daring us to jump on the glass platform to test its strength. I know but a dare is a dare right?

 Needless to say cocktails were called for after that little exercise and the remainder of the night was spent drinking Caprioskas, Long Island Teas and gasbagging over dinner before we eventually hit the sack.

We were all there to attend the Inner B Blogger event at Balmain on the Friday which by the way was an absolute blast.

The event was organised by Stiletto Media on behalf of Inner-B and the theme for the day was all about Planning for ME Time. You know that thing that you usually feel so guilty about doing, or you leave at the bottom of the priority list so it is the first thing to be scratched out when you run out of time! Yep that thing.

The day was held at the gorgeous Little Darling Diner at Balmain and we were pampered with Manicures, Massages and High Tea all the while being introduced to the gorgeous new range of Inner-B organisers, Planners and organisation tools. I will be sharing more with you about the fabulous new range in the weeks to come but I just wanted to share a few pictures with you of the day.

 1. Kristy The Imperfect Mum & Tina Gray, 2. Little Darling Diner at Balmain, 3. Gemma My Big Nutshell, 4. Some of the gorgeous new Inner-B Planners, 5. Pretty Details. 6. The gorgeous Nicky Arthur and Valerie Petersen (Inner-B) 7. Fiona, Tina, Me, Kristy, 8. More pretty details

1. Val and I, 2. Downtown Balmain, 3. All in the details, 4. Bloggers working Instagram, 5. Noms, 6. Nicky Arthur (Author or How to Be a Happier Mum), 7. Inner-B Note Pad, 8, Holly and Abi from Good Golly Miss Holly 9. The Cork Master

 No I didn't fart - but I do believe I was dribbling!

Back from Left to right: Gemma (My Big Nutshell), Me, Val (Inner-B), Fiona (Stiletto Media, My Mummy Daze), Tina (Tina Gray {Dot} Me), Nicky Arthur (10 Week Mind and Body Transformation)

But that was not all my friends, throw in Kids Parties, Birthday Cocktail Parties, Normal Weekend Jobs, Rugby Team Bonding at Luna Park and an afternoon with my beautiful Mum at the Better Homes and Gardens Show (thank you Umi Loans for sending us) and well I was spent! Hence no Blog Post yesterday. I was too knackered to feed myself let alone write anything remotely intelligible.

So there you have it - 3 crazy days of hilarious blogging shenanigans and one tired little mumma later. I just adore all the people I meet through this blog and all the wonderful experiences I have been very very fortunate to enjoy.

Thank heavens though School holidays are next week and I have a week off work. I need to relax a little, schedule in some Me Time and perhaps tackle that Spring cleaning list before we drown under the winter dust!

So sorry about the link overload in this post, but I didn't want to leave anyone out!

Anyone keen for a little Sky Diving? I'm TOTALLY JOKING!