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Wednesday 12 September 2012

No one Cleans My Locker as Well as You Do!

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Flynn's Kindy had a bit of a farewell brekkie for one of their gorgeous teachers who is getting married. And by the way, when I say gorgeous - I mean like drop dead, don't stand next to me please, stunning. The girls call her their princess and the boys? Well the boys just call her over and over again as they love any bit of attention from their beautiful Alex.

The kids were asked to dress up for the breakfast just like they would for a wedding and they were also asked to write a special message for their precious teacher.

Flynn needed no prompting when it came to dressing up. This kid loves fashion! He has his own style and he knows EXACTLY what he likes and doesn't like.

As for the special message? Well he is a man of few words it seems.

Just in case you are wondering the picture above is Alex and her pig which is rolling over for her cause yeah why not! Relevance? Zilch! Sentiment? Heartfelt!

This photo below was taken by my beautiful friend Cath and that adorable little girl is her daughter, Flynn's girlfriend / best bud and apparently my future Daughter in Law. I'd welcome her into our family any day and especially as she comes with THE best Mum and Dad and 3 awesome sisters. By the way Cath - did I mention I bags Christmas?

The expressions on these two in this photo is just priceless and it totally cracks me up just looking at it.

What cracked me up even more were the captions you guys came up with on this photo on Facebook.
They were seriously hilarious and every single one of them made me cackle as I could just picture the kids as a little old couple saying those things.

I have to share some of them with you. Just cause it's Wednesday and everyone needs a good laugh on Hump Day right!

Sarah  "Big... HUGE mistake Flynn for taking the last chocolate cake. You will learn."

Megan  "This is not a good start to our honeymoon, you eating the last chocolate cake Flynn!"

Laney  "Don't think our actual wedding cake will be chocolate Mr, I'm traditional all the way! No way are you putting grubby chocolate hands on my dress!"

Sharon  "Pffft she eats the icing off and then hands me the rest...this isn't going to work out"

Beth ‎"don't even think of taking my cake woman, a mans got limits"

Stacey  "This is it for the rest of my life... I'm going to enjoy this cupcake"

Bronwyn  " ... about smooshing that all over my face we are THROUGH!!! I take the car, the house, everything!

Erica  ‎"What you mean I have to share with her?.. what's mine is her's too.. no-one told me that."

Sally  ‎"don't even think I'm gonna vacuum that mess up, I'm over it already OMG"

Jess "Mum was right! The way to a mans heart is through his stomach! "

Any other captions you can think of? Come one I need a good laugh!