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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Be Still My Aching Ovaries!

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This past weekend I attended THE most gorgeous Baby Shower for a friend and neighbour of mine Mandy. She is expecting her second child in the not too distant future and after an extremely troubled pregnancy, it was fabulous to watch her kick back, relax and enjoy this amazing day with her family and friends.

Mandy's mum Joan lives next door and she is one hellava cook. Trust me on this - the smells that waft over the fence are to die for ...... in a totally good way.

Apparently the food was a family effort, with Mandy's Brother in Law even getting in on the act carving out that gorgeous watermelon cradle.

Now if you thought Pinterest got your ovaries aching - you should have copped an eye full of the beautiful treats on offer at this Baby Shower. My one remaining ovary was merrily throbbing away and screaming obscenities at me from my pelvis.

The gorgeous sisters Kerry and Mandy. This family is one of the nicest you could ever hope to meet.

The little bun in this belly has given her (or his which is my guess) mum quite the experience, but is going to be welcomed into such a gorgeous family.

See I told you - gorgeous bellies at every angle. Aching Ovary porn I tell you!

Now this was such a gorgeous idea organised by Mandy's friend Jo. As a gift, each guest was asked to decorate an assigned letter of the alphabet to decorate the new baby's nursery wall. There was plenty ooohing and ahhing as each beautiful letter was carefully unwrapped from its packaging.

Jo said she got this idea from Pinterest (Gotta love Pinterest). But if I was her I would have been totally tempted to claim this fabulous idea as her own.
 Mandy - thank you for the honour of being a part of such a gorgeous day. May that gorgeous belly of yours be kind to you in the remaining weeks and I wish you the safest and most wonderful arrival of your precious new baby.

Did that make you want to get a bun in the oven quick smart just to experience such a gorgeous Baby Shower as this?
Are your ovaries screaming at you right now?