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Monday 24 September 2012

RIP Harry ..... AND Geeze Harriet Too!

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Last week my 5 year old went to a birthday party - a pirate party to be precise.

My hubstar did the awesome daddy thing and took him whilst I hung out drinking cocktails at my own friend's birthday party. I love it when Carl goes to birthday parties, he always comes home with the best school yard goss. I digress.

After their party was over my boys arrived to the shindig I was at and my over excited on a sugar high boy proceeds to tell me about the bestest lolly bag like EVER! It kind of came out like this "dhjsd ehyruijhfu sgdjgajs dhjZDH it's So Cool!"

I looked to my hubby for some sort of explanation to this mad rambling and he tells me that the party favours handed out at home time were Piranhas.

I laughed at the idea of a packet of Piranhas exciting my boy so much ... until Carl explained to me that the Piranhas were not the edible kind, and whilst they weren't exactly the specific breed, they were indeed fish. Two Gold fish in a plastic bag to be precise!

What the F%^*!

Yes, the lucky children were given Goldfish to take home from the party.

Now I am all for totally cool party bags, hell I go out of my way to make sure my party bags get nothing less than a totally rad 10 out of 10 score with the Squidgens. But really? Goldfish? I at least stick to filling those bags with loads of sugar!

Lucky for these two fish - Harry and Harriet, we happened to have a bowl at home that had been vacated only a few days earlier by my oldest son's Siamese Fighting Fish (RIP Indie). So we plopped those two little party favours into the bowl for the night until we could get to a pet store the next day and find out what we needed to keep them alive.

I wasn't thrilled about this whole situation as Flynn had only been asking us for fish a few days earlier and we had told him that he had to wait until he was seven, as that was the age his brothers got their fish and that was the age we felt he would be responsible enough to look after his own gilled friends. We also were so not ready to deal with the story of life and the guaranteed tears when inevitably these fish carked it.

The next morning my hubby visited the pet store, who had already been visited by numerous other weary parents of party goers that morning and found out that we not only needed a tank, but a pump and a filter and numerous other expensive paraphernalia as well to help us keep these fish from going to the light. Alternatively we could just change the water in the bowl every second day and hope for the best.

We went for the hope for the best option. Not that it really mattered as by the time my husband got home to us, we were already planning funeral number 1. Harry had found his way to the light and was now lying sideways at the bottom of the bowl whilst a distressed Harriet swam around him.

Apparently Gold fish lose their memory every 15 seconds so the poor lass was going through a hell of a time freshly grieving every 15 seconds as she remembered her partner had passed over. We needed to get that corpse out of there fast before she was psychologically damaged for life.

Not that we really needed to worry about that too much either. Sadly days later Harriet went to the other side as well.

                          We now have this ..........                                                   And this ...........

People can we please just stop with the party bag competitions already. There is nothing wrong with a dozen mini packs of smarties, a few red frogs and a plastic toy.

What's the most out there party favour your child has brought home?
Do fish really lose their memory every 15 seconds? 
Cause that would kind of suck to be Harry then right? 
He had no chance of keeping Harriet happy! None at ALL poor Bugger!