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Wednesday 19 September 2012

How Does One Forget to Breathe????

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Sometimes you just have to stop! Just sit, catch your breath and let the giddiness pass.
It's too easy to just get swept up in everything around you and forget the basic things like breathing.

I am being totally serious when I talk about the breathing part. Too often lately I have noticed that I am rushing around like a complete looney trying to get stuff ticked off my to do list and when I do manage to pause for just a moment - I realise I am holding my breath. Does that sound familiar?

Why? It's ridiculous when you think about it. There is enough craziness in putting ourselves last as we race around trying to be everything to everyone and do everything for everyone, but to forget to breathe?

I can't help but relate the breath holding to some kind of survival technique. You come up for air for just one moment, take a big breath, then dive back into the water, or your day, or life.

Nothing can be too important to take priority over the simplest things like breathing right?

Work will still be there, the house wont disintegrate under a bit of mess, the emails wont disappear if you just ignore them for a little while and as much as I wish it would, the laundry wont just get up and leave.

But some moments wont wait forever. The ones where you just sit quietly and take in the beauty around you, listen to your child tell you about their day or just sit silently beside your partner in quiet camaraderie.

I'm not very good at just stopping. I never have been, but I'm sure as hell trying. Are you?

Do you forget to breathe?
What do you do to remind yourself to just stop every now and then?