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Friday 7 September 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas with Vistaprint

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This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of Vistaprint

Ok I am going to go and say it. Ready .... Christmas is 16 weeks away. arghhhhh. Are you shaking in your pants? Are your knees trembling even a little?

Mine are, but at the same time I adore Christmas and I have a list of things I want to make and do with the kids that is a mile long …. Thanks Pinterest!

So according to my watch its time to start thinking about what to get the kids, order all the bit and pieces I need to make the zillion and one things on my Christmas project list and then start thinking about what the hell to get the numerous school teachers, kindy teachers, hardworking courier driver, butcher, garbage men and the Grandparents (in no particular order of course!) I’m only half kidding about the courier driver bit, his frequent deliveries courtesy of my enthusiastic shopping habits means we have grown kinda fond of him.

Every year I see these catalogues and ads for products you can order with your kid’s photos on them which would be perfect gifts for the grandparents. But me being me, I always come up with those bright ideas like 2 days before Christmas and then of course I have like zero time left to get them organised.

This year that changes. This year I am totally going to be the Christmas present Master. 

Vistaprint has a huge range of products that you can personalise with your photo or your kid’s photo or perhaps Bruce your Norwegian Guinea Pig’s photo – yeah I know Random! The point is you can choose whatever photo you want and what every design too.

Some ideas for gifts from their range are; Custom T-shirt’s, Mugs, Tote Bags, Notebooks, Calendars, Photo Albums, Magnets and Stickers and Key rings. 
Then of course you can go all fancy and have your own Personalised Christmas cards.
Here’s a squiz at some of the cute products you could get Nan and Pop or Aunty Betty and Uncle Baz or your friendly courier driver for Christmas from you and your kids. 

There is a huge array of products and designs to choose from and the prices are so affordable.
Vista Print can also do all your business cards, announcements, invitations and thank you cards for you too.

The fabulous guys at Vistaprint are offering you guys a generous discount of up to 50% off their invitation range which includes birthdays,parties, weddings and birth announcements. On top off that you will get a further 25% off anything else you purchase from the fabulous range on offer.

Click here to go direct to their website and order Just click the "Get Started" buttons to see the discounts and the discount will carry all the way to check out without needing a promo code.
So there you go, there is no need to rock up on Christmas Day to that family do and be left red faced when Aunty Beryl gives you the hand knitted toilet roll holder and you have nothing to give in return.
My suggestion is get a stack of goodies done and prewrapped, then just whip one out of your bag, hand it over and claim with mock surprise that the gift tag must have fallen off somewhere.  Have I thought of everything or what!
To check out the fabulous range of products click on over to and take advantage of the generous discounts Vistaprint have kindly offered up for you guys. 

Go on – You can totally thank me later, or just send me a mug with a photo of Bruce your Norwegian Guinea Pig on it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vistaprint. All opinions are my own.

Have you started getting organised for Christmas yet?