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Monday 10 September 2012

Seriously, It's Been a Whole Year of Me Oversharing Already?

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It was a little bit mind boggling to me when I realised that Life Love and Hiccups turned 1 over the weekend. Where on earth did that time go?

Just some of the amazing people I have met and experiences I have had through blogging.

It's been one whole year of me happily blogging away totally oversharing my mind space, my wins and my epic fails. I've shown you my weaknesses, my mortifying public catastrophes and frequent moments of total fruitloopiness.

One whole year of making the most amazing new friends, some who I have met in real life, some who I look forward to giving the squishiest cuddle when we do eventually meet and some who I may never meet but are just as important to me.

One whole year since that early Spring night when after a day of entertaining friends and quite a few vodka cocktails under my belt I sat down to read some websites I enjoyed reading.

I didn't know that those websites were called blogs and I didn't know that by clicking out of curiosity on that little create blog button on the top corner of my computer screen, that my life would change so much.

I was a little lost at that time. I was on my way out of that darker place Depression forces you to live in, but I was not quite there yet and I was looking for something to distract me and perhaps even dare I cheesily say - complete me.

I don't know if this blog has quite completed me? It sure as hell has distracted me and consumed me and at times completely overwhelmed me too, but it was EXACTLY what I needed at that time in my life.

It has connected me with so many amazing beautiful people who I never would have met had it not been for LLH. And those people have so graciously given me the privilege of sharing in so many of their wonderful and sad and beautiful and inspiring stories.

I'm not really sure of the path this little space of mine will take from here on in - truthfully your guess is as good as mine and I'm still kind of winging it and learning as I go. I only ever set out with the intention of doing this for one year. But saying goodbye to this baby of mine would be like letting go of a limb. I'm really rather attached to it, more so than I ever could have imagined.

And so I throw my sword in the air, hang on with white knuckles and proclaim .....  ummm I have no idea what I would proclaim actually, probably something totally anti climatic like let's go blogging.

I do know I want to explore new ideas, follow more dreams, try to figure out to crochet, sew an actual peice of clothing I can wear, fit back into those fabulous black jeans I have had sitting in mycupoard for 10 years that are too small for my ass....... I digress.

I want to tell you more about my stories, the ones I have kept locked up for so long cause they hurt too much to bring out. I want to laugh with you when I chuck tantrums in public places and then cry with you when the reality that thrity something year old woman shouldnt chuck tantrums, smacks me in the face.

I'm going to continue trying to figure out this parenting gig and muddle my way through the various conundrums I frequently find myself in.

It's not going to always be happy smiley faces around here cause let's face it, some days just suck and there is no use pretending they don't. No ones life is perfect and sometimes in hindsight the F#$^ ups are more than half the fun.

I intend on milking every little bit that this awesome life has to offer and if that comes with highs and lows and some crazy embarassing shenanigans well bring . it . on I say!

Someone asked me the other day - what is my niche? What is my blog about because it should have a theme? Oh Crap! Really? was my response. I don't have a theme and in fact you could probably say my blog has multiple personalty disorder cause what you get each day is determined by what side of the bed I get up on. I can't really put this blog into any one particular category because my niche is life and how the hell does one begin to categorise life?

So Life Love and Hiccups will continue to be about just that - Life, Love and the everything in between including the Hiccups!

Thank you for the support, the encouragement, the friendship and the inspiration you have shown me over the past twelve months. For every precious comment and Tweet and Facebook and Instagram message I am so so grateful. For every new friendship and for your patience with my crazier moments - I thank you, and I'm really hoping you accept my invitation to stay on this crazy adventure with me as I explore the 'Everything in Between' bits. (and despite that sounding very sexual I assure you it wasn't meant that way ..... Unless you are George Clooney. George - you can take it anyway you like!)