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Monday 3 September 2012

A Pizza Scoffing Father's Day Feast.

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I am so glad the weather put on a gorgeous show for Fathers Day here in Sydney. It was the perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the arrival of Spring and celebrate the awesome Dads in our lives.

My boys were excited to give Dad their pressies in bed this morning. There was the usual array of fabulous paintings, hand drawn cards and plenty of cuddles.

Daddy scored a proper Poker kit, oh yes he did. And yes I am kinda ashamed but amused at the same time to admit it was at the suggestion of my poker loving 5 and 7 year old.

But the pressie of the Year HAS to go to Flynn who bought his Daddy something very very special from the Fathers Day stall at his Preschool. A "headache ice hat" as he called it, or an old fashioned icepack to everyone else. Why? Because he knows he gives Dad a headache sometimes. Cute and practical to boot!

I always feel so grateful when I am able to put on a nice lunch for my husband and my Dad. I feel so blessed to have these two very special men in my life and I love any opportunity at all to celebrate them. So celebrate we most certainly did.

For lunch today, it was all about the Pizza. I wanted to create a bit of a gourmet Pizza luncheon where everyone could choose their own toppings and I cooked them to order. I printed up a menu of sorts and asked my guests to tick which toppings they wanted on their pizza.

My mum takes the prize for the most random choice of toppings. I cant remember exactly what the combo was but I know I was screwing up my nose as I prepared it. Sorry Mum, lucky your taste in men (or at least a man) make up for your weird pizza topping choices.

I'm going through a bit of yellow loving at the moment and I'm pretty sure it is my subconscious giving winter the big one finger salute.

Dessert was a Mango, Passion fruit and Vanilla Cream Crepe Cake. It was really quick and easy to make. Just layer vanilla and sugar infused double thick cream and mango slices between crepes and squeeze a passion fruit over some mango slices on the top. How's that for a technical recipe! Whatever - it was so good it was almost evil!

Yes I went a little PicMonkey mad again making all my printables!

And every year I say a special thanks to the big guy upstairs for allowing my Dad to be here with us. As I have mentioned before, we came very close to losing him when my oldest son was 7 weeks old, so the fact that he is still with us today and that my boys have the joy of knowing what an amazing, kind, generous and totally awesome guy he is, just makes my heart bulge with pride and happiness.

I hope all the wonderful Dads and Dads-to-be had an amazing Father's Day and special thoughtsand love goes out to those whose fathers are no longer with them, but live on in their hearts.

Did you do anything special for Father's Day?
Whats the most revolting pizza topping combo you've had? (My Mum would probably love it)!